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The Stick

The Stick

45 gram

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The Stick – 48 hours effective

- Enough for 6-7 weeks of armpits freshness.
- 100% natural deodorant (41% organic).
- Vegan, no added fragrance.
- Active ingredients: microsilver and zinc oxide.
- Paper wrapper, cardboard packaging.
- Shipped in August.

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With the Stick you're all set for about 6-7 weeks long of naturally fresh armpits. The Stick is fragrance free yet smells delish. How so? Well just like with nuud cream, we left perfume out but thanks to the combination of natural ingredients it smells naturally good as is.


Coconut oil**, corn starch*, sunflower wax*, myrica Berry wax*, olive oil**, triethyl citrate (plant-based deodorant active ingredient)*, plant-based wax*, plant-based emollient*, emulsifier from macadamia oil*, lactic acid salt*, vitamine E*, zinc oxide*, sunflower oil*, silver*, plant-based emollient*, plant-based thickener*

* 100% natural
** organic


Two or three swipes per armpit and you'll be as fresh as a cucumber skiing alpine slopes. The secret of nuud's mega effectiveness is actually no secret at all. Just like our cream, it’s all about the microsilver.


The Stick’s oval packaging is made from sturdy paper and comes in a box made from biodegradable cardboard. Just like the tubes, it fits neatly through the mail box at home.