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Nuud has changed my life!

Finally, finally a deodorant that works! I am now “stink free” for days. AND it’s gentle enough for my sensitive skin so NO MORE ITCHING! Buy this deodorant! You’ll be amazed at the results!

Déo au top!

Super produit, respectueux de la peau et qui neutralise intelligemment les odeurs.
Plus d'irritations et surtout plus de saleté sur ma peau. J'aurai cherché un moment mais maintenant je ne suis pas prête d'en changer :)

i bought this hoping itd work well because i overheat easily and sweat a LOT because of it, which makes me super smelly a lot of the time. i've literally applied it twice and i still smell wonderful! i'm trans and wear a binder almost every day which gets nasty really fast for the same reason, and i put a bit of nuud on my chest which has been keeping my binder smelling good in between washes too! i usually have to wash it every two or three days to keep it from being stinky but it's been over a week and it still doesn't smell at all!! i'm literally so happy and excited about this deodorant, it took me so long to find a deodorant that actually worked and the fact that it's sustainable is a HUGE plus!

Absolutely Brilliant

Absolutely brilliant. Amazing. It’s so easy to use and you need so little. I generally only apply once every 4-5 days. Love Love Love it

❤️ nuud

Absolut begeistert !! Am Anfang war ich sehr skeptisch ABER nuud hält was es verspricht!! Nie mehr Angst unangenehm zu riechen !!! Absolute Empfehlung!!!!


Ich find es sehr gut . Der Preis ist meiner Meinung nach aber zu hoch . Ich hoffe es wird etwas günstiger . Und die Lieferung geht schneller . 2 ...Wochen gewartet

Works very well

I’ve got horrible body odour and am allergic to Aluminium. Nuud works for me but I do have to use it more often than what is marketed or based from other reviews. However, I feel and smell much better using Nuud. Definitely the best I’ve tried in my life. So even though I have to use it every 24-36 hours, I will still highly recommend that you try out Nuud. Much better than the crap sold outside.

Oh hot damn, this stuff is great

I am so impressed with this stuff, I wasn't even prompted to write a review. Since trying to go the more natural route, I've struggled with deodorant. I've tried the crystal and it didn't work even a little bit. I tried a few other companies and could smell myself halfway through the day. Then here comes Nuud and just changes the game. Since receiving my Nuud in the mail on a Monday, I have put it on twice in an 11-day span and I think that's amazing. I'll definitely be reordering!

Wow! So far

I’ve tried MANY natural represents over the last 6 years. Some work for a few days, some work for a few weeks, some make my armpits angry and red. But this! THIS! Nuud has bee awesome so far. I’ve been using it for a few weeks. I am still applying it every day or every other day. But I detect NO smell. I love it! I’m about to subscribe when I hit the o e month mark.

Love it !

I love Nuud! I've tested so much deos over years, but only Nuud really works. Better than antitranspirants. When will there be nuud for feet??

Unexpected success

So I put on nuud expecting literally nothing to happen, since the only thing that works for me is a strong roll on antiperspirant, but lo and behold, it works! I go out, sweat all day, and my shirt smells like it's fresh from the washing machine. It's a relief not to worry about my deodorant constantly, and the biggest relief is the fresh feeling under my arms! I used to always get that weird sticky film that feels so uncomfortable, but now I just sweat freely and feel better than ever. I've been using it for a month and already ordered three more tubes.

Simply The Best

This product is the best used by my daughter tried so many other products, but these did not work I was told about this one was a little skeptical at first but tried it anyway.
Absolutely brilliant the best thing used.
The only thing I wished that it was a little cheaper and a bit bigger, but all in all brilliant product
I recommend this product 100%
Thankyou nuud.

Does exactly what is says

Works perfectly! Love this product

It really works

Yes, it vegan, it is natural, it is soft, bla bla bla... the thing is it works. I have been trying to find one deodorant that would really work for me, I tried hundreds of brands and even men for obvious reasons, but now... I must say this is magic. And of course, sugarcane tube wouldn’t be more perfect of what I think about future! You have your spot in Brazil in my heart!

Great product

I workout everyday and can attest to the effectiveness of this product. Worth price

It really works

I was a bit worried when I first tried it but it actually works. Just wish it was a bit, more affordable

Can't believe it works so well

I am shocked that this product works this well. I work out everyday and shower everyday too. I usually have an extremely noticable rancid odor after exercise but with this product there is nothing! This is without using nuud for 5 days since the first application. I wish I had this when I used to stress sweat for interviews and public speaking . I hope they develop another line for foot odor. Haha


Never tried it but would love to get a sample to see what its like cause I tried all other ones that don't leave me dry and smelling good all day.


This product is kind of magic, you still continue to produce water when your body wants to, but it feels more natural, by the feeling and also the smell. Thank you nuud ❤️

Recommend 12/10

I was very sceptical when I first heard of nuud. What kind of deodorant works for up to 7 days? Anyways I wanted to try it since all other attempts of finding a deodorant that "masks" my sweat (especially stress-sweat) were unsuccessful. I must say that it took me longer than a couple of days until nuud started to work on my body. But after this I would not want to give it back ever again! I am stunned how well it works! I only need to apply it once a week. But: be aware that if your clothes are already stinky, then nuud will not get rid of that smell. Just wash your clothes once at 60°C and you'll be fine!

It really does work!

I was sceptical at first as I sweat a lot, but I gave it a try. I followed all the instructions and it took me almost 2 weeks to detox from my last pore-clogging deodorant. When I finally felt detoxed, I applied Nuud and it was pure magic. I put it to test right away. I applied it in the morning, had a super busy 12-hour day and no smell whatsoever. I've been using it for a week now and it hasn't failed me once. And the best thing- no white or yellow marks on your shirt, no nasty smells, no need to worry. I still can't believe it!


It works! I was doubtful but I have tested this stuff in hot weather, hiking and still fresh enough the next morning to skip a shower. Am telling everyone now!

Superb product! Unbelievable!

Living in Singapore, a hot an humid country near the equator, I sweat every single day. After a bath, sometimes I could still smell the odour under the armpit. Now that I am using NUUD, my armpit is odorless for at least 4 to 5 days! I reapply a teeny weeny bit every 5 days. After about 20 years, I am saying goodbye to my deodorant that are full of chemicals - hazardous to my body.

Super Produkt

Ich war sehr, sehr skeptisch!

Ich kann es immer noch nicht glauben das es wirklich funktioniert. Ab und an rieche ich heimlich an der Axel um sicher zu gehen. Aber es hilft! Sogar längeres baden ist möglich. Ich muss nur etwas mehr Creme als angegeben draufmachen, ansonsten lässt die Wirkung schneller nach.

Für mich ein perfektes Mittel. Daumen hoch und 5 Sterne!


The first natural deodorant I've used that actually works for me.