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Really effective

A friend told me about this product and said that it works really well for her (in fact she posted a photo of it on Facebook to tell all her friends; and no she wasn’t receiving any affiliate links or anything). So I tried it and I must say it has worked extremely well for me, even after exercising. I don’t plan to ever go back to the standard antiperspirants I used before.


This product checks every box, making it the perfect solution to smelly underarms.
No harm done to people or animals in the creating, testing, marketing and distributing.
No animal products or bi-products.
No harmful chemicals, colours, additives, etc.
Biodegradable packaging.
Carbon neutral shipping.
Real. Honest. Reliable.
Actually stops underarm door without stopping the natural process of sweating. (even weird, new, peri-menopausal odor.)
Colorless, doesn't stain.
Lasts more than one day.
perfect for travelling.

Works 100 percent and lasts for days..Won't use anything else..No BO whatsoever once this is applied, tiny amount of it needed. Worked for my daughter who has a very strong sweat smell within a few hours in school. Peace of mind❤️

Skeptical at first but wow!!

So I was quite iffy at first about only needing to use it every 3-7 days as I was a frequent user of shop bought aerosol deodorant which I used everyday. Since trying nuud I use it once a week and it keeps me fresh allllll week!! It’s so much more effective than any other deodorant I’ve used and it feels good knowing it’s vegan, cruelty free and good got me!

it really works!

I've been using natural deodorants for 4 years now a nuud is one of the best!
You only need to apply a small amount. I use it every 3 days and there is no bad armpit smell.
Worth to give it a try ;)

Geweldig, geen zorgen meer

Wat een geweldig product is nuud. Ik gebruik het nu een half jaar en na ongeveer twee weken proberen vond ik de juiste dosering voor mij (wel elke dag, ik zweet nogal veel). Sindsdien heb ik gewoon geen zweetlucht meer. Dat zoiets simpels zoveel zorg weg neemt. Echt een prachtig product dat ik iedereen aanraad!

Wow wow wow

Nadat een vorige producent stopte met Ghen pre-odorant, dacht ik nooit meer een effective product te vinden. Tot... ik Nuud ontdekte! Wow 🤩 ik ben zo blij!!!!!!! Het werkt en is echt. De prijs mag wel ietsjes lager voor de rest, prima product! Elke cent waard

Show and TELL!

It is amazing when a product actually comes through on its promises. Most of the ingredients (except microsilver) can be eaten! WOW! I followed directions and made sure my body was free from the toxins of the deodorants I had been using. Made sure my skin was clean and voila! It works! There is not a smell of my body odor (except after maybe 3 days, depending) and my clothes no longer get those horrible yellowish stains! I feel so much better using a product that is great for my body and the environment around me. I loved the packaging it came in! I brought it to school (I am a teacher)to share with anyone who would listen! Show and tell! :0) It made other students and teachers want to share what they do as well and made others interested! I hope your company succeeds and stays the way it is! Keep it clean, Nuud!

Changed my life

Cant say what an impact this has on my life, just shocking. I've spent most of it worrying about my smelly armpits for years even had to use tissue so the smell wouldnt go on my clothes, you see I suffer from nervous sweat, and it can stink. But since I've used Nuud, I dont smell anymore, so give it a go and enjoy a carefree life away from stinky armpits. The length of time it takes to use one small tube is astonishing and I feel happier that I m not messing up the planet with the tube once its finished. I will never go back to anything again. Thanks nuud

Super efficace

Quel bonheur ! Un déodorant sans danger, vraiment super efficace pendant plusieurs jours et donc finalement économique ! Je le fais connaître autour de moi tellement j’en suis contente ;) bravo !!!

Above and beyond expectations

I received my first Starter in May last year. I loved it and ordered Smarter pack later. In December I opened the second tube from the pack. I suspect I’ll make a year with the three tubes. I apply it every day during the summer and every other day during the winter. And it simply works. It’s not magic and I have cases when I can feel the smell, but it’s much rarer than with any other deo.

Just wow!

I was hesitant at first, but boy was I wrong to wait! Read nearly every review before I made the decision but once I tried it, I felt so foolish for having doubts! Guys, if this works on me, it can work for anybody. It relieved me of a great deal of stress because regular deodorants, and expensive ones as well, made my armpits itchy and sometimes swollen (?). I have a serious cancer history and I was constantly freaking out that the deodorants were bad for my health but on the other hand, I couldn't stand my own smell :D

Anyway, TRY IT & I'm sure you'll love it! Thank you nuud team - you're brilliant! <3


I’m never going back to deodorant.

Fabuleux !

J’ai essayé Nuud parce que je voulais un deo efficace mais naturel. Et c’est bluffant. Journée chargée, sport, stress...rien ne vient à bout de son efficacité ! ❤️


Looooove this little tube of armpit magic. My Smarter pack has lasted me over a year, but it’s cold here so not a lot of armpit sweating. It’s also helped my toes. A little in between and the cracks from my sweaty boots are all gone (took about 6 weeks). I’m a big fan of colloidal silver so this was right up my street. Good for your skin, good for the environment-what’s not to love. Get yourself some NOW.

Best deodorant

I live in Queensland Australia hot and humid, nu uh d is the best deodorant I’ve ever used in all my 67yrs..
Love it !!!

Fantastic Product

Firstly I never write reviews but I felt compelled to write one for this product. I’ve used several deodorants, after switching from anti-perspirant, over the last few years and have never been fully satisfied. Having ordered the sample tube of nuud it took about a week before it really worked for me but now I only use it every 3 days. Regardless of what activity I do it just works. I’ve now subscribed to the never without service. Thanks nuud!

Best ever!

This the best new product I have tried in years! Will be using this forever! Thank you to the creators of Nuud!


Complètement efficace.Avec un anti transpirant classique, il m'arrivait de sentir quand même si j'étais trop couverte/avait fait du sport etc. Plus aucun souci avec Nuud! Je revis! Pas d'odeur désagréable de déodorant, pas d'odeur de transpiration pendant minimum 3 jours selon si je suis active ou pas. Il m'est arrivé de n'en mettre qu'une fois dans la semaine sans problème. Et la texture est hyper agréable!
Le seul petit point (mais c'est chercher la petite bête) c'est que lorsque l'on transpire, sur certaines matières synthétiques, on ne sent pas, mais le vêtement lui, sent. Cela m'arrive systématique sur une chemise en polyester, mais jamais sur d'autres vêtements. Bref, sinon, je suis conquise!


**Honest Review**

This is the first deodorant I've ever purchased so I don't have anything else to compare to. However, I have to say I am absolutely floored by this deodorant. It just cancels any odours you have, turning your armpit smell into a mountain air-like smell. I don't know how to describe it. Your armpits just smell fresh.


Produits absolument génial je l'ai utilisé occasionnellement et j'en ai encore au bout de 6 mois, je recommande évidemment. Seul produit qui me fait moins transpirer ! Merci nuud !

Ca marche !

Je suis bluffée, c'est magique. J'en mets tous les 3 - 4 jours et même quand je sors en sueur de mon cours de boxe, aucune odeur !
Parfait, je recommande.

Une découverte surprenante

Testé, vraiment satisfait.

Ne bloque pas la transpiration, garde les aisselles fraîches sans aucune odeur désagréable même avec du sport intensif. Continue à faire effet après la douche, garde les vêtements frais.. Pour ma part 1 seule petite application tous les 4-5 jours suffit.

Une tuerie ce produit

Finally found what works, and won't be going back!

I had some hesitations about Nuud and whether it would work for me. I am a male and have tried it all; natural deodorants, rock crystal deodorants, aluminum free, premium, etc etc. Through that journey I experienced skin rashes, products that cost too much, and products that didn't work, so I didn't have much hope for Nuud. What I can say is Nuud actually worked for me, and my tubes have lasted far longer than I expected using it every other day. I find it easier to apply if you trim armpit hair a little.

super Produkt

total begeistert !! 5 Tage hält die Wirkung bei mir und die Tube hat für 6 Monate gereicht. Kann ich nur weiterempfehlen❤️ Hab schon ein paar Leute damit begeistern können die anfangs skeptisch waren ;) Hilft auch bei Fussgeruch