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No more toxic pits

Once, I borrowed a cardigan from a friend. I washed it and returned it. Then she washed it, then again, then again, and again. Finally, she gave it back to me and told me she couldn't get the smell out of the armpits, so it was mine now. So that was my baseline. All of my clothes smelled bad after 8 hours of wear, I only ever wore strappy tops and I wore far, far too much antiperspirant in a (failed) attempt to prevent it.

Last year, I tried nuud. For the first month, I needed to apply it every day. After a few months, it was 4-5 times a week. Now I apply it once or twice a week, and none of my clothes smell, nor do I. It's amazing. I love it, you might too.


Nuud is a true game changer. I can go 3-5 days without having to reapply, even during the heat of summer. I don't shave my armpit hair and this is the first deodorant I've used that is compatible with body hair and doesn't leave any residue. I also love that it's only a deodorant, so it lets your skin breathe and sweat naturally while neutralising the odours. The price might seem high for such a tiny tube but it is so worth the investment: I bought a 20mL tube in July, now it's almost February and there's still some left! The only tiny downfall I've noticed is that it can leave some yellow stains on white t-shirts, but it's probably due to the fact that i put the t-shirt on immediately after applying; I think it's best to wait for a couple of minutes.
200% recommend. I would never use anything else now 🦋


Omg love this stuff . NEVER EVER been able to go one day let alone 3 . Yep on my holidays in canaries it even worked and believe me ive tried the lot creams sprays roll ons and rock cristals no nothing worked . Thank you so much 3 days for me is megga not always but considering im on the change thats brilliant 🤩🤩🤩🤩

Super Deo & Kundenservice!

nuud funktioniert wirklich! Ich schwitze zwar trotzdem noch, aber deutlich weniger, und vor allem der unangenehme Körpergeruch ist tatsächlich verschwunden!! Ich hatte bis dato noch kein passendes Deo für mich gefunden, und bin ich jetzt super zufrieden mit nuud.
Und ich möchte an dieser Stelle auch den super Kundenservice loben: ich hatte das "schwarze nuud" bestellt, jedoch die klassische rote/rosa Version erhalten. Auf meine Mail wurde direkt am nächsten Werktag geantwortet, und mir wurde gleich die richtige Tube nachträglich zugesendet - kostenfrei! Bin insgesamt sehr zufrieden und kann nur jedem empfehlen, nuud zumindest einmal auszuprobieren :)

Day 3 of no stink

I suffer from hyperhydrosis, meaning my armpits sweat like I just ran a 5k at all times, so needless to say I was skeptical that nuud would work for me, but I applied it on saturday morning, and two workouts and 3 showers later it is still working, absolutely unbelievable


Hat bei mir gleich vom ersten Tag an 100% funktioniert. Ich bin total begeistert, mindestens 3 Tage geruchsfrei ohne Parfum, was ich vorher immer täglich benutzen musste und trotzdem nicht durch den ganzen Tag gekommen bin. Danke, ihr habt mir sehr viel Freiheit wieder gegeben.

Really Good Stuff

I started using a starter pack tube (15ml) over 4 months ago and I have only just finished it! I loved it so much that I ordered the Smarter pack after about 6 weeks.

I am just about to start on my first Smarter pack tube (20ml) knowing that my second shipment will be here before I finish it. That's OK because I have already given away my second smarter pack tube to my sister because I know she will love it too.

I was someone who worried about sweating and smelling sweaty constantly. I now know that one application of Nuud will cover me for 3 days and I no longer need to always carry around spare deodorant sprays with nasties in. Thank you for saving my sanity!

Sadly disappointed.

I had very high expectations for this product, especially bc of the price. However, it did not deliver as stated. I’m not an overt stinky person but this product almost made me smell worse. I tried to “work with it” for a number of weeks but couldn’t continue. Just be aware, it’s not for everyone.


I LOVE NUUD! Been using for almost a year now, in Texas, USA, where it's hot as hell. I have very sensitive skin and this is the only natural deo that does not make me have a rash. In fact, I have also had zero razor burn since using this (this is a huge deal for me). I use every 2 days now, but I used every day to ever other for a long time and through the summer. Around my monthly PMS time I usually have more stink and apply more frequently. Also, if I drink too much coffee or alcohol I notice I need to reapply. But regular deoderant I have to apply every day, so who cares? When I get sweaty, I like to go gently wash my pits so they don't feel sticky, but besides that they stay smelling... Well... Normal I guess! Not stinky. I started with the sample size and this is my second purchase of the two pack.. I still have some left and have let shared with friends so I feel like this stuff lasts forever and is a super good deal price wise. Usually takes about 2 weeks for me to receive. Thank you NUUD! You've changed my life.


I have tried every natural deodorant on the planet and Nuud is just amazing. It does what it says on the packet. I use it ever 2-3 days and it keeps me lovely and fresh. highly recommend, give it a go.

It lasts!

I ordered my Smarter pack back in January last year. The first tube lasted for a whole year, the second one I opened just now. My shirts last longer too and smell is rarely ever a reason to launder them anymore. I could wear them for a week and still they don't smell (I tried this by accident, need to pay attention to that).


Helaas ben ik niet zo tevreden over het product.
Het is een super initiatief. Alleen houd het de vervelende geurtjes niet tegen, ik krijg er geen frisse oksels van.
Moet daarnaast alsnog een normale (Parfumvrije) deo gebruiken.

Essayer c’est l’adopter !!!

J’ai voulu tester ce deodorant et j’étais très sceptique mais ça marche vraiment .
Le produit est tres economique tout en étant tres efficace plusieurs jours c’est presque magique !!! Je viens de passer ma 2me commande .


Nuud worked from the first day - my arm pits don’t smell any more!! Daughter, 17, tried it - same experience!
Definitely recommend it!

Converted cynic!

I couldn't believe how this product could possibly work but it does. I've only had the guts to go for a maximum of 5 days so far between applications but zippo nada smell at all. Goes on so easily and needs so little. It's what I've been looking for but didn't think I'd ever find. Thank you so much.

THE Best deodorant - especially for heavy perspirers

I’ve tried so many different natural deodorants and this is the ONLY one that I have found is 100% effective every single time. I will never go back now that I have found this deodorant. Thank you Nuud!!! It’s so lovely to not have to worry about BO anymore! :D

Forcée de constater que c’est... incroyable

Après avoir essayé une quinzaine de déodorants inoffensifs pour la santé et tous inefficaces, je partais plutôt défaitiste. Les 2 premiers jours d’application, le résultat n'était pas parfait et j’étais sceptique mais ensuite... Incroyable ! Dès le troisième jour plus. Rien du tout! Ni transpi, ni odeurs, rien! Même quand j’oubliais d’en remettre! Ce produit et génialissime. Merci merci merci!!!


So this whole Nuud thing is a ripoff. €13 for a tube?

I ordered my first tube in August and I'm still not done with it. My shirts last longer though because I don't smell anymore. So yeah, this is a ripoff, I'm ripping off this company because one tube is lasting 5 months for me. So I'm paying about €2,5 a month while saving on laundry. And I never have to worry about smelling anymore.

This is the best product I started using in 2019.

It works

I have tried nuud two weeks ago and it is working fine. I am going to gym every day and I have to use nuud once a week.... perfect.

I was sceptical, but...

Amazing. Weekly routine of run, gym, swim, yoga, gym, run and I’m only using nuud twice a week! Very, very impressive.


I have used so many different natural deodorants and still didn’t find one that worked properly... now I have I lovvveee nuud, I won’t need to look anymore. Thank you xx

Fantastic customer Service

nuud works really well for me. I think it's great. Also, I had a problem with my last order (it got lost in the post) and the customer service team sorted it super fast. Great stuff and thank you 😊

Works like magic!

Love,love,love this product! My skin is very sensitive and I normally get rashes and small bumps especially when I was using normal deodorant. Discovered this product and been using it now for more than 5 months and I haven't even finished my first tube! It works perfectly for me and I normally use it 2x per week.At first, I needed to apply it more than 3x since it basically detoxes your previous "nasties" from the normal deodorant, but afterwards it works like magic especially for someone who goes to the gym often. Been repurchasing it for my friends as well and I only hear good things.

They sell the truth

Being allergic to normal deodorants I was desperately in need for something that would have a long lasting effect and that wasn't harmful.

I tried Nuud and I was not disappointed at all. What they say corresponds to the truth. I finally found a high quality product, very effective without being aggressive to the skin.

Very satisfied. Not going back to "normal" deodorants.

I'm converted

A friend introduced me to this because all other natural deodorants made me itchy. This works really well and no sore skin. No going back!