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totally works!

Ich benutze nuud seit einem guten halben Jahr, täglich morgens eine kleine Menge. Bin noch an der zweiten Tube und habe gerade nachbestellt, weils super funktioniert und sehr überzeugt!

Great product

I am very happy with nuud, I have to say its the best vegan deodorant I have come across and it's also super effective and lasts 2/3 days even though I shower everyday.
I highly recommend


this was my final hope. I’ve tried so many deodorants chemical and natural and this has worked so well! Thank you nuud!

Best deo EVER!

At first, I was sceptical but over one year ago I decided to give it a try. I was not disappointed! It really works! In winter I need to apply it only every three/four days (in summer every second day but very thin layer). It doesn't avoid the sweat but no smell at all! One little tube lasts 8 months. I highly recommend!!

Gave me my confidence back !

I decided to try Nuud when I saw an ad for it pop up on Instagram. What made me really want to order it was the fact that it was all-natural ingredients. This made me feel more comfortable ordering it since I am allergic to a lot of the ingredients in other deodorants. I ended up ordering the Nuud Smarter Pack. I will never go back to using anything else. It has saved my life, I was so embarrassed before to go outside in the summer or partake in any activities. Nuud has finally given me my confidence back! THANK YOU!

Disappointed :-(

Was hoping this would be a miracle deodorant that would help my sweating, unfortunately it isn’t. I have to apply every single day, so a tube has lasted me only 2 weeks and I just can’t afford that.

More than impressed!

Have been using for 2 months now, and although I'm still applying every couple of days I'm extremely impressed! You need to be patient with it at first, as the detox period is very real, but once you've got passed the first week or so it's amazing how well it works. I find I now sweat less from other parts of my body (esp. my face) as Nuud allows my armpits to breathe, and yes, sweat! The added bonus is the gross waxy residue I used to find in the armpits of my clothing when using a powerful antiperspirant has disappeared. Often I'd have to use bi-carb to get rid of the residue (and smell!) even after washing once, and I haven't had to do that at all since starting Nuud. I'm a complete convert, and friends are getting a bit sick of me nagging them to try it.

Nice product

Why am I the only guy in the review section?
Anyway, it works like a charm even for a bigger dude. After the detox period (approximately 9-10 days for me) the bad smell went absolutely away. I still sweat, but there is really no noticeable smell. Funny thing is that once in the 3rd week after using Nuud, I was in a hurry and applied a normal spray deodorant and it felt as if I was dragging ice cold metal on my armpits. I don’t know if nuud really “unclogs” your pores and returns your skin to its natural state of precipitation but it surely does something.

No abos

I would like to buy 2 Tubes when i want it.
And not buying an abo.
That is pretty frustrating.

Tried lots but this works

I have been trying different natural deodorants for years, some work initially then stop others didn't work to begin with, BUT Nuud works! I've been using for over 6 months and still going. It's awesome.

Loving it!

I have tried so many natural deodorants and have always been disappointed within a month or two. Every other deodorant I have tried eventually causes me to have a painful rash. Not anymore! I have been using Nuud for over 2 months now (still on the same tube) and it has been working great! No rashes or discomfort and my pits do not smell. In the summer months I use a little more frequently since I sweat more but now that we are into the fall season I can use once every 2-3 days. Even if I shower in between those days I am still protected. I just subscribed to have my Nuud delivered every 5 months since a little goes a long way! Give it a try and give it time - you'll love it too :).

Just incredible

I have a strong body odor and some people like it, some don't... I discovered nuud from a friend and it's incredible how good it works for me. I never had that with an other deo. Thank you !

It's good!

I have been using a waxy greasy natural deodorant and this is SO much better. I have only used it once as it arrived only this week but I am very happy. Today is Day 3 of 27-30 deg temperatures and I will use it again tomorrow. It will be interesting to see how it works in high humidity as summer is approaching rapidly here. The small size makes it absolutely perfect for travel & there is no residue on clothes. It's good!

Best I’ve ever tried !!!

This is the first cosmetic product I have ever tried that actually does everything they say and promise in the commercials!! 😅
I’ve tested many many natural deodorants over the years, and also made my own. But this Nuud deo is simply the best, and really surprised my! I only have to apply 2 times a week 💜🍀👏
I would really recommend this healthy, effective, vegan & environment friendly deodorant to all the humans out there! We don’t need anything else, Nuud does the shit!! 💪🌸😅
It’s soft and gentle with my sensitive skin, no stains on my clothes, and no bad smells 🍀🧘‍♀️ Looove it 💜👏😄


I've been using Nuud for about two months now and I will never go back to regular deodorants. This product is AMAZING! Vegan, free of nasties, no smell or essential oils that are super harsh on sensitive skin, AND it really works!!! I normally get a bit smelly by the end of the day but with Nuud, I can go four days without reapplying and smell like absolutely nothing. I live in a very humid, hot region and even with that and exercising, I still have no BO. I've passed some on to my partner and friends and they've all loved it as much as I do. Get on the Nuud train ASAP!

Still using first tube after more than 9 months

I really like nuud and especially that for me it lasts almost forever.
I'm still using my very first tube, which I started in early January.
And I'm an active person that usually sweats often. So it's a great product for me, that I totally recommend!
Thanks nuud

Voor mijn hele gezin

Nuud doet wat het beloofd. Ik ben dankbaar dat ik mijn tweeling van 13 hier gelijk mee groot kan brengen. Geen chemische stoffen onder hun oksels 💕

Best Deodorant Ever

I NEVER leave reviews but this deodorant definitely deserves one! I have tried many different deodorants and I have found that they just mix with the smell, they dont completely get rid of it. This deodorant lasts for days on me, and it completely gets rid of the smell. Although it is pricey, ($49 CAD for two small containers) it is well worth the price. I suggest buying a silicon foundation sponge to apply instead of using your hand 😊

Amazing concept, not sure if it works for me

I really love the concept of Nuud and I was super excited to try it out considering that it's completely natural, and the fact that it could possibly work for even seven days straight sounded like a dream to me since I have trouble with even the strongest antiperspirants not working for a solid 24 hours. I have been using Nuud for over three weeks now and sadly it still doesn't seem to do its magic. I'm wondering if I still should get an another tube and keep on trying, I'm starting to run out of my 15 ml tube since I've been adding Nuud almost every day (there has been a maximum of three days during this period when I haven't).

Sooo good!

It took my body some time to adjust to it. I think it had something to with the deodorant I was using before. But now it works sooo good! If I use it, I can go 4/5 days before I have to use it again.

If I'm not active at all its great

Works for 1-2 days without issue before I start smelling with no activity. On the days I'm sweating at work it only lasts 24 hours (I shower and apply at night). The nice part is the lack of fragrance and the very gentle formula. No underarm bumps and I am a sensitive baby usually. It is quite an expensive product though, if it lasts a while I'll consider keeping it around but what I'm getting for the price is only so so at the moment. I am of course doing the pea amount as recommended so fingers crossed it lasts me.

Miracle Tube

Not sure how it works so well but it's like I've found a miracle tube. Menopausal excessive sweating was so annoying and frustrating I was using all kinds of deodorant twice a day and it just wasn't working. I tried this not expecting was I wrong...I use twice a week now and even after bootcamp still no sweat or smells ever !!!
I will never be without now thankyou x


I have tried SO many deodorants in the past, and I was skeptical about trying Nuud. I am SO happy I did, it is THE BEST EVER!!


Unfortunately my 9 year old son has suffered from BO for a few years and we've struggled to find something safe enough and good enough for him! This ticks all the boxes and he loves fhd fact that he only has to reapply once a week!! A big thumbs up from us! ;)

Best deodorant ever

Changed my life, if I apply a little portion every 2/3 days it guarantees freshness and odour free armpits even in the most stressful situations! Absolutely amazing!