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I was using a girls "industrial strength" deodorant and I was so stinky today OMG that s*** does not work and like I have to reapply every day cuz I put it on yesterday and I was so stinky today and then I got nuud. I use this cream s*** I only have to apply like every 4 or 5 days, light stink after then and it takes like none of the product. Not to mention, all the packaging is biodegradable and cute af. Love this product, can't recommended enough.


O was a skeptic to be sure, but just 3 applications have made me a believer!!!! So far, I’ve gone 4 days, no smell, still feeling fresh. I love it!!!! Will continue to experiment to see exactly what the best interval for is. Will never use mainstream deodorant again.

Nuud, besser geht es nicht!

Bin Meeeeeega beeindruckt vom Produkt. Solch kleine Menge und solch langer Halt. Das toppt alles was mir je untergekommen ist.

Best Amazing product!

Just moved to Spain! I did an order, in 5 days i receive NUUD. So happy I use my Nuud from a order from 10 December 2020 thats amazing! Wonderproduct i don't have yellow spots under my arms.

Nooit meer iets anders

Augustus 2008 de eerste tube besteld en al jaren niets anders meer. Ik heb nu 1 jaar gedaan met 2 tubes, om de paar dagen smeren, geen zweetlucht, zelfs niet na het sporten. Uiteraard blijf je zweten, dat is gezond, maar dan zonder geur.

Absolutely Love it!

Finally something that actually works and does what it says right from the very first application. I am so relieved and care free since I have started to using it. Just on my starter one still and already obsessed with it.Thank you Nuud xx


Très efficace, je recommande vivement ce produits! Fini les autres déodorant plein de vilaines choses! Pas de temps d'adaptation pour moi, effet immédiat. J'en applique que 2 fois dans la semaine. Je ne m'en passes plus ! Bravo !

The Best Deodorant Ever

I saw this product on Instagram, people where giving it a really good review. So i decided to order one for myself, order the items it was fast and free. I love the smell and been using it twice a week. I do not sweat or smell unfortunately just like to try new products lol. Thank you so much for making good products like this, and keep up with the good work.


Go inyoursite for free item then says have topah why id that free is free notbuy


I‘m obsessed with @nuud 🥰 it’s the best deodorant that I have ever found - thanx to @lisa_whln IG - for introducing me 😘@nuud is vegan, which is awesome, it lasts up to 3 to 5 days, depending on what a heavy sweater they are, it works more like a cream than a typical deodorant and vanishes completely after a couple of minutes which I love and it tastes like nothin for they who like to lick some pits 😋 I myself have hairy pits and it works great, so don’t they worry, it‘s not only for the trimmed and shaved ones. Try it yourself and if they fall completely in love like I did, you can get the flatrate which is awesome and will never be without @nuud again #fresharmpitsworldwide

Amazing product!

It took about one week until Nuud made my smell go away..But even when I started to use it, it worked for about 24 hours. Now use it every 3-4 days and I couldn't be happier. I use only perfume and I just wanted to thank everyone, because this changed my life. P.S. some materials smell even using Nuud, but it's because of any kind of sweat.
Totally recommend! Will buy very soon the biggest package! ❤️❤️

Goodbye Stank!

I am a professional sweater. I have NEVER been able to not put deodorant on every day. I have spent so long trying to find something that was good for my body, the environment, and actually really works and hot diggity did I hit the jackpot. Nuud has held up for days through workout/anxiety/cold/sleep sweat, showering, having a long soak in the tub, and STILL kept going. I am beyond impressed and so thankful.

Highly recommend

I have tried other products that say that they repel odors and are sustainable or skin-friendly. Nothing compared to Nuud. Nuud is a miracle. The only thing I have to keep track of is when I applied it and when to reorder. Thanks nuud for making it possible being a human again. :)


i love this product! finally one i can trust to keep me fresh and odour free.
oh also havent found a product that is this eco and body friendly. love it!

Nooit zonder Nuud

Ik wil graag nooit zonder Nuud zitten maar er kan dan niet betaald worden met Ideal?


I never write reviews but decided to do so for nuud because I'm genuinely amazed. I've been using nuud for about a month now and absolutely love it! Never buying another brand of deodorant again. I have tried several natural kinds of deodorant before but they never really worked al that well. I always struggled with smelly sweat and no natural deodorant really seemed to mask that. But since using nuud I've never once experienced this. And have never had to worry about it again! Truly happy with this product!


I’ve been using NUUD for over 2 months/9 weeks. I’m still using the first tube of product! Wow!
Back story- I’m 52, female, exercise and active. Since I was 13, I have used aluminum based antiperspirant/deodorants, and I bath 1-2 times daily. Imagine not allowing my body to “sweat” for fear of odor by using these toxic products...All those toxins built up and added to my body for 39 years! I had been on the hunt to find a natural and non toxic product for the last year. I had been using a common natural deodorant that was NOT working and I was hating it. I finally didn’t mind the wetness from sweat, but it was not masking odor. Then, I discovered NUUD! This works. Yes, there was an initial adjustment of a week or so, and I’m glad the company reminds us to give it that time to experience the effects. Everyone needs to give the body time to adjust. I am addicted and love this product. I never want to use another deodorant again. Thank you for developing this product! I LOVE it! It REALLY WORKS!

It actually works!

Really! I've been having problems for the past year or two. Menopause sucks.
Sweating profusely and smelling already after just a couple of hours after showering.
Nuud however. Nothing! 4 days is perfect for me.
Thanks for making my life just a little bit better.

Just two days in and I'm very impressed!

I have very sensitive skin on my armpits, which makes it really difficult to use a normal deodorant. I went into nuud not expecting much but I'm very pleased so far. While doing my work out my bo stank as usual but once I took of my clothes I had no smell!


I have tried so many no chemical deodorants, and have found this to be incredible. Too often do other deodorants stain, not work, or are just messy. Nuud is incredible at leaving no stains, smells or mess, it's effective, affordable and a game changer.

Body Odor Gone Forever

I've always struggled with sweating a lot. Not hyperhidrosis levels of sweat, but quite a lot nonetheless - accompanied by a strong odor. Never felt that regular antiperspirants or deodorants helped me out whatsoever, so seeing this little thing that promised no odor? And only applying it multiple times A WEEK and not multiple times a day??? Clearly a big fat gimmick - straight from some telemarketing folks. But I put it to the test either way.
I don't like to be fanatical about products but for THIS product, for nuud, I can't help but gush over it. I'll be absolutely damned but this really does exactly as promised. That pesky odor is finally neutralized and I can go about my life like a fresh daisy.

Not too big into sports so I can't comment how well it does for those extra heavy sweats from strenuous workouts, but for daily life it has been an absolute game changer. I'm a full convert for life!

Rien à redire

Depuis 15 jours je n'utilise qu'une petite noisette de nuud par jour après la douche et franchement rien à redire. Produit simple d'utilisation et surtout efficace, plus aucunes odeurs de transpirations même en fin de journée. Allez y, n'ayez pas peur !!! vous ne le regretterez pas !


Ich war ja erst skeptisch. Hatte schon so einige Deos probiert.
Nuud hält bei mir zwei Tage und damit länger als jedes angebliche 48 Std Deo. stinkt nicht nach parfüm und fühlt sich irgendwie richtig an. Auch keine verkrustungen mehr im T-Shirt. Außerdem extrem ergiebig.

J adore

J adore c est le seul déodorant qui ne me gratte pas, ou qui ne me fait pas de réaction.. il fonctionne super bien, mais malheureusement je doit en mettre tout les jours car au bout de 2 jours l odeur de ma transpiration revient. Mais malgres cela j adore et je ne cha gerais pour rien au monde.

Just ordered...Exited to get it and give it a try!!!