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Wirkt nicht

Sehr schade, bei mir funktioniert es nicht obwohl ich es täglich nehme. Deo ist leider besser.

Does not work at all

I started using Nuud 8 days ago, applying it every other day. It does not work at all for me. I never smelled so unfresh (and I am not even a big sweater). I really don’t understand all the positive reviews :-(

Tot nog toe geen effect

In de revieuws las ik dat iemand het op zn bovenlip gebruikte tegen overmatig zweten. Ik was nieuwsgierig of het voor mijn handen zou werken. Ik smeer het nu ruim twee weken (af en toe een dag niet).... 's Avonds zodat het goed kan intrekken. Ik merk nog geen effect.

Fijne klantenservice.

Convaincue !

J’ai commandé nuud par curiosité. Est ce que vraiment ça marche ? Mon conjoint et moi même avons donc testé.

Moi, j’ai toujours mis du deo, le deo que j’utilisais pour tout vous dire me convenait. Et puis, j’ai testé nuud et depuis .. mon ancienne réserve deo commence à prendre la poussière. J’ai été littéralement conquise.

Mon conjoint, lui c’était vraiment le sujet test, il a jamais mis de déo. Depuis, zéro odeur. Tout ça avec le bénéfice d’en mettre qu’une seule fois par semaine, et d’être un produit naturel.

J’ai une amie qui a essayé ça n’a pas vraiment marché sur elle mais sincèrement, il faut essayer ! Et si ça marche sur vous, vous ne vous en passerez plus.

Fantastico 😍

Pensavo che sarebbe stato l’ennesimo deodorante bio totalmente inutile, invece funziona alla grande! Io lo uso tutti i giorni, non meno, e funziona perfettamente senza irritare, anzi è idratante e, cosa importantissima, non macchia i vestiti. Meraviglioso. Consigliatissimo.😊🤍

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Teresa Lynn Hasan-Kerr
It's worth it

I have sensitive pits and sometimes get sores with regular, unhealthy products. I also love Nuud because it lasts for a while. It adapted to my shower schedule, while isn't every day, especially in winter. I like that there isn't an expensive shipping cost to have it in the states as well!

Un produit qui vaut le détour

Comme beaucoup, septique mais curieuse j'ai testé et été convaincue dès la premiere utilisation !

Incredible... This Really Works!!!

My husband and I decided to try Nuud after someone raved about it on social media. We decided to give it two weeks before making any judgements. I have been aluminum free for some years now, my husband had not made the switch. Still, both of us were using deodorant twice a day... We thought we would start with an every other day application routine, expecting some reaction from the bacteria that may have been left behind. But, surprisingly neither of us needed to reapply two days after the first application. I divide one pea size drop among both, he uses the full pea size for each. We are so happy to have found this product. We are down to twice a week, and sometimes once for me. We garden, exercise, do office work, and we live in a tropical Caribbean island (where it is always warm and humid). With all that said, obviously we do sweat, but it doesn’t smell or stain our clothes. We have been using it for a month, and my husband wants me to buy it in bulk Lol. We are deodorant captives no more... Nuud for life!

Life. Changing.

Truly has changed my life. I only apply maybe twice a week and I smell like NOTHING. I’ve used the same tube for 6 months!

The best!

Nuud a sauvé mes aisselles, et mon porte-monnaie! Avec une toute petite noisette, aucune odeur de transpiration pendant 3 jours ! C'est super économique, j'ai gardé mon premier tube pendant 5 mois, alors qu'avant un déo me faisait un mois maximum (souvent moins) car j'en mettais 2 fois par jours et il me créait des irritations pendant l'été! Je suis tellement ravie de cette découverte...

From Sweaty & smelly to Happy sweat-less & scentless

I sweat alot a get hot easily & as a young women I've been so conscious the more I sweat & smelled the more deodorant I would use & then mens deodorant its just got worse. The past 17years have been do hard that I had accepted this was me. Then during lockdown I tried Nuud (risk free coz I live alone) & OMG it was only the next day I realised it had worked I work up the next morning not smelling at all. Drier then I had ever been. I was so happy I tested it and 3 days my limit. This stuff is amazing (no matter how hot I am or how much I skate I stay scentless) still sweat but atheist 60% less so like a normal person & meaning my 15ml tube lasted me MONTHS not weeks (& weeks would have been amazing) I realised I could use weather I had shaved or not. I know it great because I ran out the other day & used spray because I had no choice & 2 hrs later I was sweating smelling so bad & hadn't even moved that much!

This stuff works I wish I could be ambassador because I've told everyone I know + strangers. I'm so happy Instagram adverts work. Thank you for giving me my humanity & confidence back in a way I thought I'd never have & what good for body too!!

Never looking back

I've been using Nuud for 2 years now and I'm SO happy with it. I do sweat, but it's odorless. My armpits have never felt better, I always felt 'uneasy' when pressing into them, light there was some discomfort & light swelling of the lymph nodes inside my armpit. Now, that feeling has totally gone and it feels so much healthier and better. Also, I really love that I smell like myself, no perfumes & no sweat either. Totally recommend this product, thank you for creating it!

Amazing product

I've been using Nuud for about 2 years or so. I live in Central Florida, and am a chef in a very hot kitchen as well. I absolutely adore this product! I reapply once or twice a week, but also use another natural deodorant occasionally in between, just in case it wears off early on a really long hot day at work. Highly recommend Nuud.

Exceeded my expectations

I was skeptical at first and was unsure because the price is higher than the average deodorant but honestly nuud is 100% worth it. Easy to apply, has been lasting me for more than what suggested (6-7 months). It's easy to apply, it absorbs quickly, it doesn't stain clothes and, last but not least, it absolutely does what it says: no matter how much you sweat, it doesn't stink, nor does my skin have any smell (like what happens with some deodorants which have a pungent fragrance). Really recommend it and will buy the smarter pack ASAP


I have tried so many deodorants. They either caused painful eczemas or left my armpits smelly. After about a week using Nuud I started feeling the difference. I now use it 2-3 times a week and I'm not going back. I have yet to try it during the hot summer days, but so far it has been amazing. On top of it all, it has saved my clothes from the awful yellow marks. Excellent find!

Produit au top

Un peu sceptique au départ, je suis totalement convaincue par Nuud. Pas d'odeur, pas de sensation de transpiration excessive, une application tous les 3 jours voire plus.
Et un super packaging.
Mes aisselles remercient Nuud !


Nuud is a godsend. Had to have several lumps removed from my armpit caused by traditional deodorant. So grateful to have an all-natural, earth & human-friendly product. I used to be very stinky, but now with Nuud, it lasts for 3-4 days with showering! I cannot recommend it enough.

So fab I am reviewing twice!

I wrote a review in April, when I first tried Nuud in a Starter pack, as my very first attempt into the world of natural deodrants. Let me say I had to come to review a second time to give the full 5 stars! Never done this for any other product before.I am that lucky individual (& my Mum) who from first use goes *7 WHOLE DAYS* between using more Nuud. And I use only HALF the recommended pea sized amount for BOTH underarms! My clothes/pj tops are fresher than ever! Ie just washed smelling even after a week! I exfoliate & soap underarms weekly now. Then water rinse in showers in between. I still eat spicy foods like curries/kimchi as usual. And workout as much as I want with confidence! I am beyond happy also with the Customer Service at Nuud. And the prompt e-mail/date when the Family Pack was re-stocked (I needed to start buying more to hand out & stock up, as my Starter bottle kept being "borrowed") ;) And since I introduced this to my Brother (a twice weekly wearer). You changed his life! He suffers badly with periodic rashes,spots, weeping skin & sensitivity on his underarms from daily multiple uses of both fragranced & aluminium based areosols & roll ons; to combat his high levels of BO.He is now a happily converted twice weekly Nuud wearer! And Nuud was super gentle even on his skin, after first use. My friend has also began testing a Smarter pack for her & her Mum, after my rave reviews. Never going back to anything else! And I love the coloured bottle range in the Family Pack. Suits everyone. Plus these babies can be stored over a few Years if need be ;) Thank you from us all!!!!


Nuud zal echt niet rijk worden van mij.. niet omdat ik het niet koop, maar omdat ik gewoon maar om de 5 à 6 weken (ja echt weken, geen dagen;)) hoef te smeren. Top spul dus!


J'utilise Nuud depuis maintenant un mois et demi, c'est vraiment révolutionnaire. J'ai eu un temps d'adaptation au produit qui a duré une semaine et demi (4 applications) et maintenant je n'ai plus d'odeur même après le sport. Je recommande vraiment, en plus il suffit d'une toute petite dose donc le flacon est à la bonne taille. J'essaie d'espacer de plus en plus les applications :)

I love Nuud!

This product does exactly what they promise. It is totally amazing and I will never go back to using deodorants again.


Impossible de revenir à un déo classique ! Pas d’odeur, pas d’humidité même avec peu de produit ! Découvert pendant ma grossesse, je recommande à fond !


I've one tube of 20ml since October and now we're in May! It's really convenient and effective. My body went from 2 times a week to once a week!


Ik ben altijd sceptisch naar reclames. Weer een nieuwe shampoo of wasmiddel of dieet tabletten. Hou op schei uit. Ik denk altijd dat als zoiets écht een wondermiddel is, dan zou iedereen het gebruiken.

Nuud is oprecht een wondermiddel! Ik sta er versteld van! Het werkte vanaf dag 1. Ik heb geen vieze geurtjes meer geroken. Zoals gisteren na het fietsen spuit ik normaal deo en nu dus niet. Ik zit daarna wel continu met mijn neus onder mijn armen omdat het heel "naakt" voelt, zoals zonder makeup de straat op. Het is te mooi om waar te zijn voor mijn gevoel, maar het tegendeel wordt bewezen!

Nuud is een wondermiddel!

Thank You!

Thank you for creating a deodorant that actually works for me! I was always self conscious about if I smelt because I can be quite sweaty but after using this for a week I didn't smell a thing- I even asked friends if they noticed a smell (maybe I was nose-blind) but they could only smell my perfume! I love it and I work at a job where I'm constantly moving so I apply 2/3 times a week - I need more if my underarms are due for a wax, but it still works brilliantly! I don't get that wetness that comes from a roll on and.. call me crazy but I think I even sweat less than I used to? I love this and I will never use another deodorant again!