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xXL Pack | New cream

xXL Pack | New cream


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xXL Pack – 72 hours effectiveness

- Enough for 13-14 months of armpits freshness.
- 100% natural deodorant (71% organic).
- Vegan, only 7 seven ingredients.
- No added fragrance.
- Active ingredients: microsilver and zinc oxide.


never forget when you used nuud

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The xXL Pack sets you up for around 60 weeks of naturally fresh armpits. Sixty weeks of not worrying about a thing ... armpit wise then. The tubes are bigger than our standard tubes - there’s 40 ml in every nuuuud tube.


Sunflower Seed Oil*, Strawberry Seed Oil*, Zinc Oxide***, Candelilla Wax*, Arrowroot Powder*, Tocopherol (vitamin E)*, Silver***.
* 100% natural
** 100% natural origin
*** 100% mineral
0% synthetic ingredients


The new cream is lighter, airier and lets your armpits breathe. How much and how often you apply remains the same by the way. A tiny pea sized amount of nuud every other day is more than plenty. Be sure to wait after a shave – give your armpits time to recover. The same for any underarm irritations - time to refrain from smearing, rolling or spraying. Rest is best.


Nuud’s box is made from biodegradable cardboard and slips neatly through house mail boxes. Our tube is made from 100% recyclable bioplastic made from sugarcane.