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Duo Deal: Family Pack + Refresh Bar

Duo Deal: Family Pack + Refresh Bar

4x20ml, 80g

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Refresh Bar + natural deodorant

- Bar: 80g - Tubes: 4 x 20 ml (enough for 40 weeks).
- 100% natural & vegan.
- Active ingredients: micro silver and zinc oxide.

The Squeezy

gets the most out of your tubes

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A Duo Deal is a combo of a Refresh Bar and one of our deodorant Packs. That means we only need to ship to you once and that means less shipping costs. Now that’s better for the planet that’s for sure, but let’s be honest it’s better for us too. And that’s what we want to give back to you. With love.


Deodorant: a tiny pea sized amount of nuud every other day is plenty. Be sure to wait after a shave – give your armpits time to recover. The same applies for any underarm wounds or cuts - refrain from smearing, rolling or spraying. Rest is best.
Refresh Bar: athough it's a fantastically effective and unique bar, you can use it like you would use a normal soap bar.

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100% VEGAN