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Merci🙏🏾thank you

Hello👋🏾 Nuud,

I’m writing to you from Paris, France🇫🇷 (yes, you made it). I’m a very new user of your product as it has only been 3 weeks and I want to sincerely thank you for your creation. For you to understand how much you and your product mean to me I’ll tell you a bit of my armpits story (yeah… gross😷 I know but bear with me please).

Seven years ago I was a user of regular deodorant, that I’d change very often because at some point no matter the deodorant body odor would ultimately come back, either a week of a month later. So I decided to look deeper🔍 into it start using a sweat blocker filled with aluminum, which worked for a time but at the same time I was learning about aluminum being potentially carcinogenic.

After that I decided to make my own deodorant (how difficult could that be… and YouTube is overwhelmed with various recipes of homemade deodorant. For a year and a half that’s what I did with very minimum results, my armpits were oily, stained my clothes (more than usual) and there were still body odor (slightly less present).
I gave that up, disappointed I started to use regular deodorants, another recipe of a homemade deodorant and the sweat repellent again, which had even more damaging results as body odor was worse than ever I started to have painful, red rash in my armpits which I eventually fixed.

Exhausted, I didn’t🙅🏾‍♂‍ wear deodorant at all (plain and simple as that), funny enough, body odor was less present but still, especially in the afternoon. That’s how I went and gave a try🤷🏾‍♂‍ to the product of that brand (yours😉🤭) that I’d often see on Instagram (good campagnain by the way👏🏾). Since then I absolutely don’t regret it!

From the very bottom of my heart🤎 I deeply thank you.

If you ever need a believer to praise your product, you can turn to me.🙋🏾‍♂‍

With kind regards,



For years I have been looking for a deodorant that works for me, and after two months of Nuud I can confidently say that I have found one! I perspire quite a lot and when I get stressed, it can get really smelly. With other deodorants, I could always smell myself over the scent of the deodorant. Also it was impossible to get the smell out of the armpits of my clothes - I have tried all the tricks that are supposed to work, but nothing worked! Then my sister gave me a tube of Nuud a couple of months ago, and I decided to give it a go. It is amazing!! I still perspire, but the major difference is I can't smell myself anymore! Even if I'm wearing older clothes that seemed to have a permanent smell in the armpits. I absolutely love this stuff! And on top of all that it is all natural and vegan as well. Would definitely recommend this to anyone!


No escribo nunca reseñas porque me da pereza, pero este producto merece una. Yo soy una chica que solía sudar y oler bastante, muy pocos desodorantes podían combatir el olor y durante tiempo reducido. Llevo usando nuud mes y medio y no huelo nada y me lo echo cada 5 días. Es impresionante, había leído muy buenas reseñas y por eso decidí probarlo, pero es mucho mejor de lo que me esperaba. Os animo a probarlo.

I love nuud

So I started using nuud in Feb and I've been using it once every 3 days and I love it. It works pretty well for me.
However, the phase separated 2 weeks ago and I didn't think it was working well after I kneaded the tube as suggested by a representative. But I was happy that they sent me a new tube and in back to being odor free. Love this, thank you nuud! I highly recommend it ❤

Not effective

I’ve been using nuud for 11 days now, but unfortunately I still smell myself after the smallest activities which elicit a bit of sweating. I really hoped it would work but for me it didn’t...
No refund possible either

Amazing product and best service

I had tried nuud for 4 months now. I just apply nuud twice a week and enjoy my day without worries. I had ordered nuud twice and now waiting for my third package. I had problem with my second order, but they solved it very nice. Im gonna continue using this product not just because nuud is the best deo that i ever used, but for their amazing service. Thank you nuud...

So much more than expected!

I have tried several natural deodorants, but something was always wrong: Itchy, not working, still smelly, sticky, gross, messy. Defeated I turned back to aluminum deodorants and had a bad conscience daily towards my body.

Then I read about Nuud. I hoped for the best, but expected the worst.
But what a difference - no detox period for me. And I only use it twice a week. Simply amazing. Thank you Nuud.

A really good product, honestly

I'm really fond of nuud! I'd been using only organic or natural deodorants for years and with most never had a problem, all worked fine. But switching to nuud has been so comfortable and enjoyable, by now I really only apply every 5-6 days, just when I feel like I start to smell a bit, I apply the next day. It's so comfortable, I never have to wait until deodorant dries, which for me was always a very important thing, but also an extremely annoying one. I just like the freedom of not having to apply every day and while travelling for only a few days it's another less thing to carry.
About the tube size as well. I can not understand how is it even possible to use the whole tube in 10 weeks. I bought it 5 months ago and am maybe halfway through. So even if in the beginning I thought it's a bit expensive, for me it has really proved worthy.
All in all really satisfied and will surely keep using it.

Impressive natural deodorant

Have been thru several brand of natural deodorant and none work as well as nuud which can last me 2 days from my first application . I am staying in hot and humid tropics, Singapore. With longer usage hope to be able to go several more days in between

Where has Nuud been all my life?

I’ve used the clinical strength stuff for most of my adult life because I am a sweater. Made the switch to natural deodorant a year ago for environmental reasons and assumed I’d just have to live without white t-shirts. Well I have to say I am amazed at how good Nuud works for me. I have to use it on one armpit every other day. But my other armpit can go several days between applications. Also my skin is much happier without the baking soda in so many other natural deodorants. This has worked wonders for me. Can’t recommend it enough.

Where do I begin

Ok, here goes...
So I feel like I’ve had this long enough now to write a fair review and let me start by saying that I have the world’s most sensitive pits I have tried all different kinds of deodorants, all the brands you can name I have tried, I’ve used sticks, sprays, roller balls, mineral/crystal rock deodorant
I even tried cucumber for a couple of weeks and everything made my poor Pitts itchy and sore! I was stuck in a vicious cycle of buying one and having it work for a day or two and then ended up having to stop using it completely because my underarms were red raw!
This stuff has been a lifesaver!
Don’t get me wrong it’s not the best there’s definitely still a hint of BO there but I think it’s just me that can smell it no one has ever said anything and my family would be the first to tell me I stink! I usually spray my clothes with a bit of perfume anyway (can’t put it on my skin because allergies) unfortunately I’m not one of the lucky people who can get away with putting it on once a week, or even every 3 days (every other day for me unfortunately:()
But if I forget to put it on I can definitely tell! That being said it’s better than my alternative (literally nothing) and to say how often I put it on it has definitely lasted me a looooong time I’ve had my first tube a couple of months now and it’s still going strong, my only quibble would be that it’s a cream and I hate the feel of it on my fingers and occasionally I’ve had to give the tube a bit of a jiggle to re-mix the paste as it’s gone watery but other than that so far so good! 😁

Works great!

I just bought Nuud. With ordinary perfume free antiperspirants I always smell after 12-24 hours. Now it’s been two whole days and no smell what so ever!


Mein Freund und ich sind seit einem halben Jahr Nutzer und absolut begeistert! Zusammen reicht uns eine Tube für 7 Wochen, obwohl wir es beide jeden zweiten Tag auftragen. Das ist fantastisch. Ich fühle mich viel besser nuud zu benutzen als ein klassisches Deo. Ich würde nuud jederzeit jedem empfehlen!

Thumbs up

Since I sweat a lot, I was sceptical but for the sake of the environment and my armpits I was willing to give it a try. I took advantage of the Valentines Day offer (in the hope my bf would try it with me). The first couple of days/weeks I was still adjusting so there was a teeny tiny smell (already wow of how little). Now I think it really starts to work. I applied it on Sunday. On Wednesday evening I worked out and was a sweaty mess - without bad smell. It also convinced my boyfriend who was super sceptical but he even shaved his armpits to try ;) I can only recommend it if you give your body a week or two to adjust.


10/10 product - I bought two tubes 7 months ago and not even nearly finished. I struggled for years to find a natural deo that worked for me, I will never change back! Converting all my friends and family! :D

Best thing ever

Being someone who's struggled a lot with sweaty and smelly armpits, I can honestly say this is one of the best products I've ever bought. For years I haven't been able to find a deodorant, that could last me a day without the sweat smell taking over. I still use deodorant with Nuud, but I never have to worry about the deodorant not working anymore.
It works like a charm, simple as that

My solution

For a while I had weird dark stains on my armpits, of which even the dermatologist did not know what is was or was caused by. I tried different deo’s and creams, but they showed no effects untill I tried nuud and miraculously the dark spots dissapeared. Really stop using chemical deo, nuud is the solution

This is a personal hygiene product of the 21st century !!!

My order came just before the end of the year, so what is the best way to test it? Wear it to the New Year's Eve party!
I could not believe the results. When I woke up the next day, after 8 hours of jumping and dancing, my t-shirt still smelled like my perfume, not like sweat. I even talked my kids into sniffing it and you know how hard that must have been. Verdict... negative for sweat smell.
I tested it again during a Valentine's day dance party. Passed the test with flying colors (smells :)). It's a miracle worth every penny.


It works, its awesome, I love it.


Amazing product! It took 2-3 weeks until my armpits were ajusted, but totally worth it! Now every time I apply it lasts 3/4 days easly. Really effective! Love Nuud!

Life and travel with nuud

I was on the hunt for a deodorant that was natural, EFFECTIVE, vegan and travel-friendly.
I bumped into nuud 4 months ago and bought it immediately. Just wow. It made both my day-to-day life and my travel life a lot easier!
Still can't believe that a 15 ml tube has lasted me 4 months and that I still have a lot of it before it ends.
Thank you nuud for making the world a better place one sweaty armpit at a time!

This is really working!

I was trying to become friends with various eco friendly deodorants, however the best one is Nuud. During the first week I applied it every second day and then naturally switched to using it twice a week. The texture is super rich and 15ml seems funny only in a delivery package. It is a lot for Nuud.

Life changing

Deodorant sucks. And what sucks more is how many times i forgot to apply it/bring it away with me/store an extra tube at work... Nuud has changed my life! I only need to apply once every 4-5 days, for real, with literally no odor. No more ruining clothes, no more getting caught short. And it's kinder to sensitive skin, too! I've been using it for a year soon and I'm only just getting through my second tube. I tell so many people to check it out-its the real deal. Get on with it!! The environment and your body will be so grateful! And your friends, too... Did I mention its life changing? ❤️

First Review Ever just for Nuud

Hands down best deodorant I’ve come across. I had to leave a review because I need nuud to keep doing what they’re doing!

I’ve had and strictly used my starter tube for almost a YEAR and there’s still more to give! I only have to apply no more than 1/wk and have wanted to throw my money at them to show my love since starting but haven’t needed a new tube yet!

Instead I’ve bought it as gifts and spread the word.

Easy to use, long-lasting, truly low maintenance/carefree.

I don’t have to wash my shirts as often which means less laundry (time and water salvage) and never worry about my BO compared to when I used other natural deodorants (except for if I forget to re-apply cause it’s not longer a daily necessity)

There’s no going back.

Best deo for me and the planet

I've tried so many deodorants for my sensitive skin, but they either irritate or don't give enough protection. Nuud is perfect for my skin, even after shaving and I don't have to worry about odours. Only a little bit is needed, so it lasts long. I also love that it is eco friendly. Never going to try anything else again!