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The worst part is the detox and changing your habits. The best part is the result, clean and fresh. A little goes a looooong way. I’m glad my daughter recommended NUUD

Bonne alternative aux déodorants en bombe

Mon achat remonte à quelques mois, j'ai donc eu le temps de le tester. Nuud est une bonne alternative au déodorant en bombe. Les journées où j'ai peu d'activité il fait très bien son travail. Les journées où j'ai un peu plus d'activité, j'ai parfois de petites odeurs mais vraiment minime et pas du tout détectable pour les autres alors qu'en temps normal j'ai une odeur assez forte. Je voulais trouver une alternative à mon antitranspirant en bombe mais les essais de bicarbonate ou de pierre d'alun n'avait pas donné grand chose alors qu'avec Nuud je vous une réelle efficacité. Personnellement une dose de Nuud me fait entre 2 et 4 jours suivant mon activité. Il faut cependant un petit temps d'adaptation pour que la peau au niveau de l'efficacité (surtout si comme moi vous aviez des produits en bombe pleins de produits chimiques), mais pour ma part il n'a pas été long. J'ai hâte de le tester cet été voir ce qu'il donne.
Je le recommande vivement !!


I was applying Nuud nearly every day and showering and it didn't work for me AT ALL. I read the amazing FAQ Nuud had and I realised I was washing my underarms with soap every day and it was taking it off and therefore having no effect. Instead, I applied Nuud every few days and in the shower simply let the water wash away any bacteria (no soap) - now I NEVER smell and, if I ever sense I'm getting smelly, a bit of warm water on a cloth and gently padding my armpits removes any bacteria/smell. I love it!!! Will never go back!!

No more antiperspirant!

It really actually works! The product has no aroma, applies smoothly, does not irritate my skin, does not stain my clothing, and it lasts for days. It works LIKE ACTUAL MAGIC, and it lasts for days.


Est il efficace pour les fortes odeurs de transpiration ?

Absolulty lifechanging

I have struggled so long with deodorant. I am allergic to some alcohols and perfumes so finding a deodorant that I don’t react to has been hard. And the ones I do react to doesn’t work very well. On top of that I struggle with strong body odour and I’m very sweaty. So when I found nuud it really changed my life! I only need to apply it once a week and I haven’t smelled ever since I started using it. I haven’t had any allergic reaction either! I love nuud and finally I don’t have to be insecure about me odour anymore.

Das ist kein Deo! es ist ein WUNDER!

Ihr werdet es nicht bereuen und die Umwelt bedank sich bei euch noch dazu!
Ahora en español:
Esto no es un desodorante es un MILAGRO!
al principio tenia mis dudas acerca de este producto, sin embargo hice mi pedido y empece a usarlo según las recomendaciones del fabricante y casi inmediatamente funcionó, llevo usando ya 6 meses con mi primer tubo, el olor y las manchas en mis franelas blancas se fueron para no volver mas!

Aivan loistava tuote! (Yes... this is finnish :)

Ostin aluksi Nuudia daamilleni syntymäpäivälahjaksi ihan kokeilumielellä, koska hän etsi mahdollisimman terveellistä ja hajusteetonta deodoranttia, joka vielä toimisi. Hän kärsii hajusteyliherkkyydestä, joten vaihtoehdot ovat melko rajalliset. Kokeilin Nuudia itsekin ja hämmästyin miten hyvin tuote voikin toimia. Olen reilu 100kg mies, käyn salilla 3-4 kertaa viikossa ja lämpötilan noustessa 20 celsius asteeseen hikoilen kuin sika, silti tämä uskomaton tuote toimii minullakin täysin. Minulle riittää herneen kokoinen annostus kolmen päivän välein. Tuote ei jää inhottavan tuntuisesti iholle, ei tahmaa vaatteita, levittyy helposti, ei haise, en haise minä, ei daamini, eikä kaverinikaan😄 Parasta mitä vuosi 2020 tarjosi tuotteen merkeissä ✌

Love this product - changed my life!

Wanted to reduce my plastic use so tried this out & honestly - it’s brilliant. Started using it at a weekend to test it out and used it every 2 days for 2 weeks and then built up to 3/4 days. I do notice I smell a little bit of sweat in the mornings when I wake up and I never used to (Hubbie says he hasn’t noticed) - but I always have a wash or a shower every morning and that’s sorted. No smell after working all day, even on day 4. Give it a try whilst we are all working from home. My first tube lasted 14 months!!! I use less than 1/2 a pea size amount on each side.


Ich war echt skeptisch, ob das deo wirklich kann, was es anpreist und verspricht. Ich bin echt mega überrascht, das es stimmt! Schon nach der ersten Anwendung hab ich einfach nicht gerochen! (Hab jetzt aber auch gute 6 Monate, unfreiwillige Entgiftung hinter mir!) Ich hab wieder ein gutes Stück von meinem alten Selbstbewusstsein zurück❤ Nie wieder ohne nuud!🙏❤

Good, but not what advertised

I wrote a review for this product awhile ago but since then I have become a little more physically active. I started off applying every other day, sometimes every two days. This was okay as long as I didn’t do anything. I am now using it daily and I feel it works much better than it did before. I have had my tube since November 1st and I am about to cut it open to get the last of the product out. Even using it more frequently than recommended, I has lasted me 2 months. I don’t think it is the miracle product it claims to be, but I still like it better than any natural deodorant I have tried. This is the first time I’ve had no irritation on my armpits! Just got my second tube. I will see how it goes as I become more and more active.

Un miracle en tube

Suite à une opération, mes glandes lymphatiques ont été malmenées. Quand leurs fonctions ont repris ça a été l horreur pour moi. Je sentais mauvais deux fois plus qu’avant.
J’ai testé Nuud sans trop y croire... mais là le miracle s’est produit !!! Je n y croyais pas. Dès le premier jour ça a fonctionné pour moi. Je passe même 3 jours sans l appliquer !
Je l’ai recommandé à tout le monde. Et je le recommande à 400%. J’ai tellement que là ventre de se produit s’arrête un jour....
Plus d odeur ! Pas de composants chimique ! Vraiment un produit au top !

Crazy??? Good???

Just a few months ago I decided to try nuud because im kind of fed up with my BO. I used various of products before - natural deo, DIY deo, powdered deo, etc... It does help to mask the smell but the longer I use it, I realize that it stains my shirts and eventually the shirts that I use start to smell even when I dont sweat! :(

When I use nuud, I dont have high expectations because i tried everything and it doesnt work. But nuud??? oh my gosh.. not even kidding. THE MOST AMAZING DEO EVER!!!!!!!! Can't stress this enough. I just bought myself 2 more tubes because black pack is back and i gotta get it! Just converted my brother to use this as well, thank you so much for making this life changing product!!

Économique et écologique !

Ravie de ce déodorant naturel, une petite quantité suffit. Un geste pour l'environnement mais aussi pour ma santé.

Au top !

Franchement au top, nouvelle façon de mettre du déodorant, aucune odeur. Je suis convaincue. Très bon rapport qualité prix !!

Incredible - fresh as a daisy

I'm blown away by the mighty nuud and how quickly it began to work on me. I don't know if this covid stress caused me to transpire more but I decided to give nuud a shot as was tired of the increased body odor and just like that, one application of nuud, am fresh as a daisy! For not one day, two but three! Wow! Thank you so much ❤️

Love it - but give it a little time

The product is great, and it does what it says it does - it eliminates the smell of sweat. I started noticing the results right away, although at first the sweat smell came back after a couple of days. After two weeks of usage the smell didn't come back anymore. I've used it a couple of months now, and I use it about once a week. I haven't smelled my armpit sweat ever since :) My boyfriend also loves it, as he used to develop a pretty strong armpit smell between showers but doesn't anymore. Would recommend!

Never going back

I was behind skeptical, but this is a great product. I've never had such a satisfying result with any kind of deo. It doesn't smell or irritate, and I just don't notice that I have it on. You also need very little each time, so it lasts forever. I'm a fan!

After almost two years of use!

I use nuud almost two years now.
I was into bio and organic products before. But they wasn't very effective with smell, and after years of use, because of soda in them, I had skin problems.
With nuud the skin problems stoped immediately and the smell started getting neutral after some months. Now I use it once a week and sometimes I forget even that!


Je viens de passer ma deuxième commande car je suis absolument comblée par ce produit ! Je ne peux plus m'en passer! Quand j'utilisais des déodorants, je sentais encore plus fort et la transpiration se mélangeait au déodorant, ça sentait mauvais et je devais en remettre tout le temps. Mes aisselles étaient souvent moites et ça ne sentait pas bon. Je n'avais jamais trouvé un déodorant efficace. Alors avec Nuud, je suis plus que comblée, non seulement c'est bon pour moi, ma peau, ma santé, mais c'est vegan et respectueux de l'environnement, je suis ravie vraiment et je tenais à vous remercier d'avoir créer ce produit qui a changé ma vie, en mieux. Merci et longue vie à Nuud.

Hyper efficace, produit naturel , packaging très sympa. Toute la famille l utilise. Je suis hyper fan. Tout pour plaire❤️

The perfect Deo!

If you would’ve told me this is the best Deo in the world - I wouldn’t believe you! I finally tried it and it is the BEST Deo in the world!!! Totally recommend!! ❤️💙

Plus de 10 jours que j'ai commandé, prélèvement sur mon compte bancaire mais toujours pas de produit. Je fais quoi?

Amazed & Lovin' it

I am so in love with my new deodorant. When all is normal I use nuud about every 4 days, when I'm on my cycle about every 2. I've done all kinds of activities with nuud and some have caused my armpits to sweat, which is a strange feeling after using antiperspirants, and there were no funky orders or yellow armpit stains. Also a dab is truly all you need. It seems so small but it does so much. Best money I've ever spent on a deodorant.

Best deodorant

I wanted to bang my head in the wall after my pregnancy, breastfeeding had changed my hormones and I couldn't bear my smell. I don't know how many deodorants I tried, nothing worked. Until I tried Nuud... and I never went back. No smell problems since then, a new person. This is truly a great product, don't even have to apply it everyday, and I still feel fresh.