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Ein hoffnungsloser Fall…

…war ich! Habe alles ausprobiert. Nichts hat geholfen gegen den nicht wirklich feinen Duft, den ich bereits kurz nach dem Duschen und trotz Deo ausgedünstet habe. Nach einmal Nuud war das vorbei!! UNGLAUBLICH!! Aber voll wahr, im Fall! Ich so so fest froh!! Danke!

Deo très efficace

J'ai hésité avant de commander nuuud
Je suis très contente du résultat,Ce deo est vraiment efficace.
Je mets un petit bémol sur le packaging. L emballage est vraiment très imposant par rapport à la taille du tube.... Quand j ai reçu ma commande,j ai cru qu'il y avait 2 tubes dans l emballage....

Très bon deo

Cela fait 3 semaines que je l utilise et je suis très satisfaite

Incroyable !

Ce produit est révolutionnaire !

Very impressed with Nuud

I have been very impressed with Nuud, a friend recommended it for me and I decided to give it a try. I'm not an overly sweaty person but I do have one area that gets very sweaty. Within one application I noticed a huge improvement in this area. I appreciate that it can take several weeks for people and I would encourage anyone who is considering it to give it a go / give it the recommended time.

It's been about 3 weeks for me and I am applying twice a week to achieve very low sweat, particularly in my main area of concern. I didn't have any teething problems with Nuud but if you do, keep going. It's so fabulous to only have to apply twice a week. Bonus is that my armpits are never covered in deodorant I have to wait to dry before getting dressed. I got the starter with applicator, it's perfect.

Nooit meer anders

Ik gebruik Nuud nu al een jaar of 2. Om de dag een paar drops smeren en klaar ben ik. Door medicatie altijd veel last gehad van zweten.
Goddank is dat nu verleden tijd!
Soms lijkt het of ik er wel iets jeuk van krijg, maar dat neem ik graag voor lief! Wil nooit anders meer en zorg dat ik altijd een voorraadje heb, ondanks dat het gebruik super zuinig is...

Absolute game changer! Love this stuff!

I have been using Nuud for over a year now, and I am completely amazed at just how effective it is. I live in a hot place and sweat a lot, yet I could on average go 7 days before needing to reapply. Incredible. It doesn't stain my clothes. Love the fact there is no nasty stuff in there, and that the whole concept is well thought out to be environmentally friendly. As a guy it helps if you trim your armpit hair a bit, although you don't need to. The longest I got was about 11 days.. really fantastic for a natural product. It seems expensive at first, but it lasts me so long its actually WAY cheaper than regular deodorant. My girlfriend loves it too. Honestly, I would never go back to regular deodorant. I couldn't recommend this stuff enough!


Vraiment génial, j'était très septique au début.
Après un premier essai j'ai été bleuffer.
J'en met tous les 3 jours c'est incroyable, je ne transpire plus,
et il n'y a aucune odeurs. je recommande fortement, c'est impressionnant.


Al principio me costó,no porque no funcionase sino porque mi ropa olía aún estando limpia ,simplemente me tenía que lavar más a menudo pero no hacía falta aplicar producto ,ahora uso un desinfectante textil y creo que ahora sí,con dos veces a la semana que me lo ponga es suficientemente para mí ,veremos en verano

Excellent product

I love nuud - I bought it on a whim but it turned out to be one of the best investments I'd ever make. I had constantly been plagued with a rash under my arms from rubbing irritation that wouldn't leave, no steroid, antibiotic or cream could get rid of it. I used nuud on it and it cleared up in days. I know it sounds wild but it really helped when I thought nothing could and is very soothing on the sensitive area. Thanks nuud!


I have been using Nuud for over two years and I LOVE IT! I have tried other eco friendly and human friendly products but none come close to this little bottle of joy. It works brilliantly and I never feel uncomfortable or irritated while I have it on. Definitely have a life long customer in me!! <3

1 Year Update!

I’ve been using this product for a year now and I’ve noticed a big change in my armpit smell. I just stink less, lol. When I first started using this, I had to apply it every day. Now at one year, applying it every couple of days works. HOWEVER, I have used this in conjunction with another non aluminum deodorant. Using a combination of the two is what worked for me. Luckily, a two pack of the other one is just 4 dollars (just baking soda deodorant) and seems to last as long as the nuud does. Will I continue to purchase nuud? Yes. Will it work for everyone? Absolutely not. I found what works for me and I will NEVER go back! My armpits have always been irritated and now they haven’t bothered me in months.


J'ai voulu me mettre aux déodorants avec une bonne composition depuis un an. Impossible de mettre la main sur un déodorant naturel mais qui ne me demandait pas d'en remettre toutes les 3 heures, JUSQU'A ce que je trouve NUUD. Ce déodorant est juste parfait, il dure longtemps, même après la douche, sans aucune retouche! En plus, le service client est super sympa et réactif. Je recommande vraiment! Merci Merci Merci pour cette invention!

What a wonder product

All of the reviews I've read till date about nuud are absolutely true. And for anyone who might be wondering, this works brilliantly even in tropical climates of India.

Lasted a hole yesr

Around one year ago I started using nuud, and finally today i openend the second tube! I don't have anything bad to say about it either, I really don't want to go back to the old one I used to use :).


Anderhalf jaar geleden begon ik ineens te ruiken onder mijn oksels. 2 tubes 20ml besteld en sindsdien geen geurtjes meer. Ik transpireer nog wel maar het ruikt niet meer


Ce déodorant à changé ma vie. Problème d'hormones après ma grossesse j'ai tout essayé et il n'y a que nuud qui fonctionne. Fini les odeurs je n'arrive pas à croire qu'une simple crème aurait pu marcher. Au top !!!


I looove NUUD!
Before discovering it, I really struggled with smell, especially on period days... tried everything but nothing worked. Then I finally gave a chance to this little eco-friedly pink tube. Haven‘t used anything else ever since (and it‘s been more than 3 years!), and I need to apply it only once a week.
It‘s absolutely perfect: good for me, good for the environment :)


Super déodorant qui fonctionne très bien même après une séance de sport.

De verdad funciona

Tenía muchos problemas de malos olores, ningún desodorante era eficaz mas de 12 horas y decidí probar nuud. Llevo 6 meses (y aún estoy terminando el primer tubo) uso una cantidad muy pequeña, cada dos días en verano y cada 3 en invierno, no he vuelto a tener malos olores, incluso haciendo deporte o yendo a la playa o la piscina, no necesito aumentar la frecuencia.

Au too

Au début j'étais septique mais aujourd'hui je suis convaincue. Cela fait 4 semaines que je l'utilise et même après le sport aucune odeur. Vraiment conquise

Perfect Deo 🥰🥰

It arrived in time even if there is no delivery information.
And it works a lot !! So good. Because I'm a person who sweats so much and you know you know when you do it ". But this is wonderful👌👌👌 I would like people to know more about this excellent deodorant.✌✌✌ ❤❤❤❤

I'm obsessed

I love it. It works. I can't believe it.

Does what it promises!

Fantastic product that does what it promises! I’ve managed to use my first 15ml tube 97 times (a dime size for both armpits per time) before I ran out. Since you don’t have to apply it every day, that means the product can last you months!

Ce petit tube à changé ma vie

Ayant des problème d'hormones depuis ma dernière grossesse, je n'arrivais pas à trouver un déo qui masque efficacement les odeurs. Je me suis lancé en juin dernier avec Nuud et bien je le recommande à tout mon entourage !!! Plus d'odeur, plus de transpiration... S'en ai presque magique!! Merci Nuud !!!!