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Almost as good as expected

I have been using Nuud for more than 4 weeks now. Since the beginning of use, I have used exclusively Nuud daily, and I must admit it hasn't been an easy journey.

Before switching to Nuud, I haven't been using any antiperspirants at all for years (Actually, the only thing I have been using for under arms is the Old Spice Original Classic solid deodorant, and different scents in that series, all without any aluminum). So, I was expecting to have no trouble during the switch as described by some users. Was I wrong!!

Ok, the first week went smoothly, and I was thrilled at how easy the change went. Using Nuud daily in the morning after shower, and it seemed to do the job well. Except there was a little bit more sweat than before.

But, then came week 2 and 3... It seemed as if Nuud triggered the sweating enormously. Just a few minutes after using Nuud, I would be wet under arms and it wouldn't stop for the next hour or so. By then I was already fully in sweat and actually stinking badly. The stink was like nothing I had before, really bad.
But I didn't give up, thinking maybe there was after all some sort of perspiration reducer in the deodorant that I have been using before, so my body is extracting poisons now.

In week 4, there was less odors produced, and not as much sweating as in weeks 2 and 3, and it seems to work better now, but I am still using Nuud every day, being afraid that the stink would come back.

In these 4 weeks, I have used 1 whole tube of 20 ml Nuud.

So, although I am still not completely satisfied with the effects of Nuud, I think maybe the process of adapting is going to take longer for me.

I am going to give Nuud more time to work its magic and I hope it makes one happy customer of me.


Des déo j'en ai testé des tonnes car je transpire beaucoup et sent très rapidement... Aucun n'arrive à la cheville de nuud. Je n'arrive toujours pas à croire que je n'en mets que tous les 3-4 jours !

Fabuleux !!!

Ça c’est un produit génial, fantastique , grandiose par son efficacité malgré sa petite taille qui remplit toutes ses promesses !!!! Je le recommande!

Clears infection!

I love it as a deodorant, but am also using it as a skin cream to combat a nasty under breast rash that was impossible to get rid of before. I think its the magical antimicrobial silver ingredient!

Thank God I discovered it!

The only one my skin can stand. I managed to defeat skin problems of my armpit!

Too legit to quit

I was skeptical but after using this for a couple of months I’m a believer. I signed up for the re-occurring delivery so I’m never out of supply. I tried a similar product about 6 months ago and this one is much better. Not sure why but it is. I do have to use it 6 days/week to stay effective, but you’re mileage may vary. And they are right when they say a small pea size dollup is all it takes for 24 hours or more of odor free armpits.

Once you go Nuud you never go back

I was skeptical, but it works.

Detox period: lasts a few weeks and it's not much of a big deal
Clothes: doesn't ruin them like so many antiperspirants do! (this was the reason I made the change)
Armpit skin: actually feel really good
Smell: I smell much better using this than I ever did with a conventional antiperspirant.
What is it?: This is not an antiperspirant, it's a deodorant, but what i've found is that I sweat a lot less when using this product as my arm pits aren't clogged with so many chemicals.
Waste: The tubes last ages so there's not as much waste as other deodorants i've used.
Would definitely recommend and will happily continue to use it!


C'est vraimenttrès efficace, je l'utilise aux 5 jours environ et pas une odeur désagréable !!! Merci nuud


I've been using nuud for about a month now. It's amazing. I apply every 6 days or so. Zero BO and that includes going for 2 hour bike rides, runs, swimming. Cannot recommend enough.

All it is said to be

I am just another devoted fan. I am never coming back to regular deodorants. At first I was only half convinced especially because I couldn’t figure out how long does the effect last. So I definitely recommend keeping a nuud calendar! This is how I figured out I need to apply every 3 days. And now its just perfect. Great feeling, light and odorless, my skin is happy and so am I! ❤️

Sceptic converted!

I've tried and failed many times finding a natural deodorant. Usually I find that I don't smell great, and I'm very very wet. I bought this expecting it to be the same, but this really surprised me! I've been using this for 2 weeks now and applying a tiny bit every day, and it actually really works! Sometimes on a r

Like no other!

After childbirth i experienced heavy sweating. Been changing from one deo to another but nothing works. Till I found Nuud! Really truly perfectly worth it! Thanks Nuud!!

Best natural deodorant

I haven't used conventional deodorant since middle school, and I am in my late 20's. That being said I've tried almost EVERYTHING when it comes to natural deodorant. Nothing has worked as well as nuud. It does exactly what it claims. I only apply about twice a week and it keeps me BO free! Even on my more sweaty days, IF I do get a little stinky it's like 1/100th of the amount of stink that I used to get. I guess I have high expectations now! Nuud has completely changed my life!

I have always sweat ALOT, so I have struggled with body odor for many years. It's a complete relief to no longer worry about being a stinking hippy. Yes I still sweat, it is not an antiperspirant, but there is virtually no odor.

Yes, it did take about a week or two to get used to it and for it to take full effect. I ended up applying it every day for the first week because it was extremely foriegn to me to not wash my underarms with soap. I know it's not recommended but it helped me get over the detox period. Every day it seemed to be more and more effective, so I felt safe to apply it less and less. Now I'm down to only needing it twice a week and it is completely liberating. I even convinced my boyfriend to try it, he is resistant to my deodorant testing, because he loved his "pit paste" but now hes a true believer in nuud!

Thank you Nuud for creating a truly perfect product. I know if you give it a real shot and make it through the first few weeks it will change your life too!


I juste didnt know how much my antiperspirant was smelling bad! Now, i just smell nothing! A quick shower or a washcloth swiped under the arms before going to the gym and off you go!


I’ve struggled with excessive perspiration and strong odour ever since I went through early puberty and have tried everything. This is literally the first product I’ve ever used that has worked. I got it on a whim when looking for vegan products and didn’t expect much. It seemed to work from the first application. I tested it with exercise, showers and using the minimum amount advised and literally apply every 5-7 days with absolutely no worries about odour. I cannot recommend this product enough and I really hope that the company expand into other vegan products as the brand name will keep me loyal for anything else they produce. Thank you so much.


Super déo qui respecte la nature et les animaux, hyper efficace, je le recommande à toutes et tous !!!

Life changing!!!

I was SO skeptical about trying this but have to say it is AMAZING!!!

Fantastic product

I have been using Nuud for some time now, I think I am on my 3rd tube. I find that I put on more than recommended, occasionally topping up the following day. However, once done, it then lasts me the week! When I say lasts the week, I mean, it really lasts. I play competitive sport and sweat and lycra don't mix well! But I have had no stink problems, even in the summer heat. Very happy and I will continue to use Nuud. I started because its a natural product and its not packaged in plastic, but I will continue because it works!

Absolutely fantastic!

This is the only deodorant that actually works for me and for my wife: it doesn't cover the smell, like the other products on the market, it just totally neutralizes it. Even after hours at the gym you won't have any body odour, your sweat will be like water, totally odourless. It makes you feel much more confident in yourself, I'm amazed and I've already recommended it to my family and friends!


Best thing since sliced bread! It really works. No baking soda, means no burning or itching for me.

So Good!

Really works, excellent product.

Mind blown - I’m telling everyone about this

This came up as an ad on Instagram and it took me a while to order a tube as I thought it was too good to be true. Eventually all the reviews convinced me to give it a go. I have no idea how this works but I am mind blown that it does. Since first putting it on last week I’ve been going to the gym, getting sweaty running for the train and drinking in the 33 degree heat this weekend, been running in the sun and showering and shaving my armpits as normal, and I still do not smell!! If I’ve forgotten to use deodorant in the morning I can usually tell by the afternoon so I’ve been constantly smelling myself (discreetly I hope) to check. It’s been 4 days since I first used it and I’m totally sold. I’ve been telling all my family and friends about it and I hope it catches on so we can keep reducing pointless waste from other deodorants!


En un seul mot ; incroyable ! Moi qui transpire énormément et qui avait beaucoup de mal à trouver un bon deo, je suis entièrement satisfaite et je le recommande sans aucune hésitation :) nous sommes en pleine canicule, j'en ai mis il y a 2 jours et tout va bien, même avec ma douche quotidienne :)

einfach super

Mein Sohn erzählte mir davon und ich dachte: wie soll das denn funktionieren? Aber es funktioniert!! In der ersten Woche habe ich es täglich benutzt. Seit 4 Wochen alle drei Tage. Ich komme gerade aus dem Urlaub auf Mallorca, es war über 30 Grad heiß, ich war täglich im Meer und viel unterwegs - ich habe nicht einmal gemüffelt. Auch nicht nach meiner Zumbastunde. Diese Woche werde ich den Abstand auf 5 Tage ausdehnen. Mein Starter Tübchen von 15 ml ist noch nicht leer. Effektiv, ökologisch und als Veganerin schätze ich, dass es vegan ist ;-)). Kein Mist auf der Haut - einfach super! Mittlerweile benutzen wir es alle, mein Mann, ich und unsere beiden Söhne. Bei allen funktioniert es. Vielen Dank für das hervorragende Produkt.
LG Rita


Ok, first things first - I sweat like a pig and stink like a pig while sweating. On top of that, usual antiperspirant-deodorants leave white marks on my clothes (even those marketed non-mark-making ones). Natural deodorants still leave me stinky after couple of hours and are useless in heat.

Enter - Nuud. NO STINK. Seriously! None! It might not work on my superpits for advertised number of days, but I'm grateful even for a one stink-free day. Application is easy and daily amount needed is tiny, so it'll last long time. No scent (out-of-tube it has very light nutty smell, but it's gone after application), so that's a plus too.
I am so frickin' happy I clicked that link and ordered Nuud on a whim - it really-really works! <3 My pits thank you (and people around me do too! XD ).