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C’est top.
Je recommande sans hésiter.
Quel bonheur de ne pas sentir après une séance de sport ou une journée bien chargée!
Tellement efficace que toute la famille et amis s’y mettent sur mes conseils (même ado!).
Merci pour son efficacité, ses ingrédients naturels et de me l’avoir recommandé.

Ça me change la vie !

J'ai acheté cette crème pour tester et je ne regrette absolument pas ! Je ne sens plus la sueur comme avant et c'est juste génial !


For me, it started working right from the beginning. I was already using a natural deodorant but with unsatisfactory results. A friend of mine gave me Nuud as a present and I immediately fell in love. I usually sweat a lot, but even after a hard hike on a hot day I won’t smell at all, it doesn’t leave any traces on clothes and it lasts at least for a couple a days without having to reapply. Another plus, I’ve been using the same tube for 4 months and still have to finish it. Totally and completely satisfied!


J'étais sceptique au début. Et au final, je peux faire du sport tout en restant 4 jours sans en remettre. C'est un bonheur, finis les mauvaises odeurs. J'adore, merci nuud !

Best ever!

I used it with many doubts as to whether it would work or not, as well as tried different alternatives with and without aluminum and all failed, with nuud from the first time it worked for me I used it daily until it was finished and I stopped using it for almost 1 month and again with a lot of sweat and then there was already an odor in my sweat when I reapplied it from the first time the smell was gone and the sweat decreased! I recommend it 100% after years I finally found it, and I am very happy.


Les déodorants lambdas et la pierre d'alun ne fonctionnaient plus sur moi, j'ai donc commandé Nuud pour tester. Mon corps a bien mis 2 semaines à s'habituer au produit, et le résultat est époustouflant : plus aucune odeur de transpiration après de grosses journées au travail, je recommande à 100%! Il faut s'armer de patience le temps que le produit fasse effet, et j'ai peut-être mis trop peu de produit au début (maintenant j'en applique la valeur d'un gros petit pois).

Hält absolut, was es verspricht!!

Unglaublich, habe erst daran gezweifelt, aber bin sehr begeistert von der Wirkung dieser kleinen Tube!

Game changer!

If you have 99 problems, smelly armpits definitely won’t be one of them ;)

I am positively surprised

After seeing Instagram ads, I thought I would give this a try during quarantine but did not really expect much. I have no prior experience with any other natural deodorants, I have always used regular roll-ons or sprays from the drug store and I was not looking for an alternative. But the idea of applying a deodorant once and forgetting about it for several days seemed very attractive. Nuud has worked amazingly well for me. I purchased a smarter pack in March and I am still using the first 20ml tube in it (it's been 5.5 months!). I realize that I am sweating but it is odourless. In the beginning, I only had to apply it every 5 days. With warmer weather, every 3 days. I suppose in winter, I will go back to once in 5 days. My advantage is probably that I live in the Netherlands where we weather is rarely above 22 degrees. I do not do heavy sports but I walk at least 1 hour with my dog every day and Nuud has been performing just as good.

Super product jammer dat vaste klanten geen magic cap toegestuurd krijgen

Werkt echt goed. Paar weken geleden 4 nieuwe tubes gekocht waar ik lang mee kan doen. Alleen nu komt nuud opeens met een magic cap. Mail gestuurd met de vraag of ze er eentje op kunnen sturen. Ik moet maar wachten tot mijn nieuwe bestelling. Ik heb er geen recht op maar klantvriendelijk is echt anders. Beetje jammer. Verder werkt het wel echt goed

Ok product

I really wanted to love Nuudbut alas only like the product. I wanted be able to use it advertises, being able to go a few days between applications. However, I do not have the genetic or body makeup to allow that to happen.
The product definitly takes a few days to work, as it states you need to detoxify from you old deodorants. It took less than a week of having to reapply twice daily. After that I found it lasted 24 hours or a little more. I could NOT go more then that or I would smell horrible.
That being said I found it one of the better natural deodorants out there. I find with many other I have to reapply after 4-8 hours which means always carrying deodorant on you. With nuud I did not need to worry.
I like that its a cream you apply with your fingers and that it is odor free.
However, I do not know if will be purchasing again as it is on the more expensive side. I also find having to order online to get it inconvenient. Maybe it'll pop up in stores...

Amazing natural deodorant!

Nuud deodorant is everything you could ask for! I've tried many different natural deodorants, ones that left stains and just couldn't combat B-O. Nuud is amazing! I don't smell, it's quick and easy to use (and I hear applying will be easier with a new applicator coming out soon, if it's not already out), and you only need to use a little bit of product that lasts days!! I play indoor and outdoor soccer and it has stood the test of time and sweat that's for sure!
I give nuud 5/5 stars...when I first gave Nuud a go, there was, and is, no turning back!

Oh...and, customer service is top notch!
A package of mine got lost in transit (rare) and Nuud were quick to reply to my concern and send a replacement package on the way!

Would definitely recommend!!!

Love the deodorant!

I was looking for a natural deodorant and decided to try Nuud as it’s vegan and has safe ingredients. Wasn’t too optimistic but after using it, I’m extremely satisfied! In fact, I’m so impressed. Now my whole family uses Nuud. I had dark spots and patches from using other anti-perspirant/deodorant. After just one week of using Nuud, the pigmentation is totally gone! Some deodorants smell really bad at the end of the day. Nuud doesn’t cause such a problem. I’m totally pleased!

sooo good

I started using nuud's deodorant last year because my sisters recommended it to me.
What's really amazing with nuud is the fact that you don't have to apply it every day!
I still haven't finished my first tube, and I've been actively using it!!!

Wir bleiben Kunde!

Wir haben es für unseren Sohn bestellt. Er ist gerade in der Pubertät und der Geruch mit der Hormonellen Umstellung, war für alle eine Zumutung. Leider kann er hierfür nichts und ich finde auch nicht, dass er darunter leiden muss. Nicht alle zeigen dafür Verständnis.
Es hilft super, der Geruch ist weg und er fühlt sich damit super wohl.

L'essayer c'est l'adopter !!!

Au départ sceptique mais comme je suis une personne qui aime essayer, je me suis dit pk pas. Je ne regrette pas du tout le produit est top moi qui ne mets plus de deo depuis 3 ans je suis conquise avec ce produit. Le seul hic est la taille du contenant.


I started using Nuud in April of this year (2021) after switching from high street deodorants over a year ago. I love this product. I use it 2-3 times a week, quite liberally and I love how I can have a shower and not have to think about applying deodorant, one less step in my busy mornings. The product is luxurious to the touch and my underarms have never felt so soft. All those oils in the product have an amazing effect on your skin too. It's also extremely cost effective. My first tube has lasted from April til now (August), I'm just coming to the end of it. Having 2. young children who are just starting to use deodorant, one a lazy son, this will be a perfect product for them. I have recommended to anyone who will listen !

The best decision I have ever made

Nuud is literally a game changer! I always had issues with common deodorant, the smell was always very strong and bad and didn't work for me. Ever since I tried nuud I can not imagine my life without it. I have convinced my whole family to use nuud and it wasn't difficult at all, they just tried it once and now we have 5 nuuds in the house. I can't even describe how a deodorant can effect my mood and make feel safe from bad smell for days. The fact that it doesn't use plastic at all onlu makes things even better. Try it!!

Worth every penny

Recently my body seems to be perspiring more and after trying numerous aluminium anti-perspirants (many) I found that they actually didn't reduce perspiration and left me smelling awfully by the end of the day. I began to try natural deodorants that use things such as tapioca starch to mop up sweat however, I find these kinds of natural deodorant although much better at stopping the smell and reducing wetness (compared to aluminium deo), actually were causing really awful staining that was difficult to get out of clothes. I was researching into natural deodorants that don't stain and came across nuud.
I thought I may be wasting money but was at a point where I literally couldn't deal with the smelly perspiration anymore and staining of my clothes so decided to purchase. I am really really glad I tried it, I was sceptical at first but this anti-odorant really stops you from smelling. It takes a few days to begin working so try to be patient. You still sweat but I'm finding I do sweat less. I tried going back to normal standard deodorant for two days to see the difference and found I actually felt hotter in general compared to when I wore nuud. I am really grateful for this product, it doesn't irritate my skin, really easy to apply and smells neutral. It also doesn't stain clothes! If you want a anti-odorant that will stop you smelling, allow you to regulate your body temperature and doesn't stain clothes - I recommend nuud 100%.

Best deodorant ever

Super effective!!

EN nuud | fresh armpits worldwide
Maggie Mantei Van de Meerssche
Eindelijk een okselverfrissing dat geen allergische reactie geeft!

Super enthousiast over Nuud! In de zomer: warmer, meer zweten geven deo's me rode vlekken, bultjes en heel veel jeuk! Verschillende alternatieven zijn de revue gepasseerd maar niks hielp zoals Nuud! Geurvrije oksels & geen allergische reactie! Top :-)

Ich kann es nicht fassen!!

Nach all den Jahren mit diversen Deos und Nutzung eines speziellen Roll-ons (brannte wie Feuer auf der Haut) entdeckte ich Nuud und dachte mir, schlimmer kann es nicht mehr werden.
Kaum lag die Tube im Badezimmer, trug ich die Paste (?) auf meine frisch gewaschenen und rasierten Achseln auf.
Was soll ich sagen? Heute ist Tag 5 und ich rieche immer noch nicht!!! Nutze auch seit 5 Tagen kein anderes Deo mehr, wasche mich ganz normal, lebe ganz…..der Hammer echt!!!

Ist für mich ein ganz neues Lebensgefühl!!!

Tient ses promesses

C'est vraiment étonnant mais je n'en met pratiquement plus. Si je l'oubli pour aller en vacances et que je suis tentée de mettre un deo classique je comprends pourquoi je suis passé à nuud. J'aiemerais juste connaître la différence entre les rouge que j'utilise et les autres couleurs? Est ce juste le packaging?

Ich liebe es!

Nuud hält was es verspricht! Ich benutze es jetzt genau ein Jahr und möchte es nicht mehr missen. Alle 3-5 Tage einmal ruffgeschmiert und fertig ist. Kein Stinken,kein Jucken. Kann ich echt nur jedem empfehlen!


Approuvé par mon mari qui est parti en Roadtrip sans pouvoir prendre de douche et bien en rentrant il ne puait pas la transpiration !je recommande vivement , ma fille et moi on adore ❤️