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Best by far

We tried. We love it. We shared with our families and they love it too.
We are super active and has never failed us.
We are nuud fans. Thanks for creating this amazing product. It really does what it says in the tin.


Ich hatte ein echtes Geruchsproblem, schon eine Stunde nach dem Duschen müffelte ich. Da ich empfindliche Achseln habe konnte (und wollte) ich kein Deo mit Aluminium benutzen. Ich habe nuud vor 5 Tagen das erste mal aufgetragen und musste es bisher nicht erneuern. Es ist kein Geruch bemerkbar, meine Achseln fühlen sich toll an. Ich bin begeistert und empfehle es jedem weiter.

Just the Best Deodorant & Antiperspirant EVER

I was very sceptical before trying this, as I always am when a product as a barrage of good reviews seemingly out of the blue, but Nuud is by far the absolute best antiperspirant and deodorant I've ever tried - I go to the gym/running regularly and I find Nuud prevents me from sweating as much under my arms and my clothes simply don't smell at all. Wonderful stuff.


Very impressed! Works better than any natural deodorant I have tried before. No body odor at all, barely any perspiration. This is my 3rd week. I apply about every 2-3 days now, but I never thought I would find a natural product that worked this well. Life long customer made! Thank you! Fantastic product. 10 stars if I could

Works and lasts a long time.

I feel a bit of a freak after reading that the 15ml tube lasts 6 to 8 weeks on average. I started using mine early January and there is still a little in the tube in mid August. You only need a tiny tiny amount and I use it once or twice a week.
I like the fact that it is not perfumed so it doesn’t clash with any perfume I choose to wear.
Another big bonus is that I no longer have to apply extra detergent to the underarms on my clothes when putting them in the wash. They always smell just fine. x

Great product, but takes some getting used to

It's a fab product and it does work, but it is very different from traditional antiperspirant so it's a bit daunting at first. I sweat more now which is a feeling I am getting accustomed too, but there is no smell with the exception of if I am exercising - after exercise I tend to need to wash immediately to clear the smell and then it seems fine after. I'm a happy customer so far and feel that use of the product continued is definitely worth pursuing as the results are improving the longer I stick with it. I've given only 4 stars because I felt that the product marketing should have been a little braver in terms of what to expect realistically for new users.

Werkt voor ons niet

Voor ons (ook bij mijn vrouw) werkt Nuud helemaal niet. We hebben het net geen 4 weken geprobeerd maar moesten echt stoppen omdat de geur niet social acceptabel was. We hebben alle instructies gevold en zelfs alleen nieuwe kleding gedragen maar het mocht allemaal niet baten. Terug naar onze oude vertrouwde deo.

Works but only if I use it everyday

Have tried lots of natural deodorants and I do find this is the best one, however I do have to use it everyday which works out quite expensive.

Absolutely fantastic

Was a bit dubious at first but thought I’d give it a go. Worked the 1st time! Extremely effective, no odour, easy to use and much better for you than traditional deos. Love, love, love!

NUUD works for me!

This is the first deodorant that has ever worked completely for me. I prefer to apply it by adding a dot of NUUD to the top of my natural deodorant
stick and rubbing it in to each armpit that way.
NUUD delivery was slow the first time. But, subsequent orders have been quick.

A solution to a lifetime challenge

I happened to see the advertise in Instagram and I ordered it after reading reviews and learning that it is natural. At the beginning, I was suspicious about what they claimed! However, to my surprise it works! It is not that I don't sweat, but it is not stinky. I normally sweat a lot and even right after taking shower, while I was blow drying my hair, I could smell my perspiration!!! I can tell you, I am not stinky anymore for at least two days after applying Nuud. Now, I am not uncomfortable during my late date meetings due to sweating. Maybe it is too much of an exception to expect that I don't smell AT ALL. But seriously, If the claim is true, and it has no harmful chemicals in the long term, it is a solution to my lifetime challenge :)

Believe the hype

Was really doubtful it would work - I WAS WRONG ! Best beauty buy ever - going days without worrying about reapplying and so little needed for it to work. Survived the UK heatwave using it and although it doesn’t prevent sweat - my armpits now sweat so little it’s not a worry at all. Best of all it doesn’t smell of anything you just smell clean!
highly recommended

I ❤ nuud

From time to time I explore products that pop up on Facebook and boy am I glad I stopped for nuud. It is without a doubt the best product I have bought in a long time. I bought the starter pack to check it out and then bought the next size and after six months approx. I am still working my way through it. I need it maybe once every 5-6 days!!! It completely absorbs into your skin so showering etc no bother. I simply love this product and knowing I am not rubbing all kinds of weird into my pits really makes me happy. Thanks Nuud!!!

Bin begeistert

Habe Nuud ausprobiert und konnte feststellen, dass es bei mir sofort 100% funktioniert hat. Normalerweise trage ich es alle 3-5 Tage neu auf, das reicht vollkommen aus, es ist unglaublich. Schwitzen ja, Geruch keiner. Perfekt! Habe eine Freundin, bei der es nicht gleich so gut funktionierte, aber nach zwei Wochen ging es dann genau so gut, wie bei mir. Endlich keine klebrigen, schlecht riechenden Deos mehr, das ist super.

So so impressed

I have been using Nuud for a couple of months now and I am hugely impressed. No marks or odour or clothes and keeps me fresh for 2-3 days. As others have said it doesn’t stop you sweating but this hasn’t proved to be a problem for me. I recently attended a wedding in Cyprus in 30 degrees and 75% humidity and in those conditions everyone sweated even those wearing heavy deodorants but I felt fresh and clean all day and was odour free (and so were my clothes) at the end of the night. The sample tube also lasted me over two months!


I’ve been using Nuud for a couple of weeks and it’s simply amazing! Since ever (I’m 33) I have suffered for a strong armpit smell because I sweat a lot. I was a bit eseptic about the product but I gave it a try and I just fell in love with it! I apply it every 3 days, it is easy to use and no residues are left. I highly encourage people to give it a try! I hope you guys are going soon worldwide. Thanks!

Best Natural Deo

Some applications seem more effective than others... I haven't quite figured out what I do wrong on some days. There was a bit of learning curve when it came to smell. I was so used to wearing fragranced deodorant that the complete absence of smell was strange for me. I do love that it's completely invisible on. All the other natural deodorant I've tried leaves my pits white or with rashes, and the salt kind burns after shaving. Nuud seems to be the best natural deodorant on the market!

Festival ready

I’ve been using Nuud for about 6 weeks and have been impressed with the results so it was time to put it to a real test by trusting it to do its job for me through a 3 day music festival. Nuud was applied around 4am on Thursday morning before a 3 hour drive to the Highlands of Scotland where we had the hottest temperatures I’ve known at this festival. Yes I was sweating after putting up 4 tents in very muggy conditions but I didn’t smell and that remained the case until we returned on Sunday afternoon without having to reapply! Totally sold on this product and Regis little started tube looks set to last me longer than 12 weeks as I’m only having to reapply every 4/5 days

Good but expensive

I would say it's a great product and does what it says on the tube. But you can get other good natural deodorants for a lot cheaper.

Solo Nuud!

Sono stato molto scettico sin dalla scoperta del prodotto. Ma dopo qualche mese mi sono deciso a provarlo. Non tornerei mai più indietro. Lo applico un paio di volte a settimana o comunque a seconda del numero di docce e dell'attività tra un'applicazione e l'altra. Sudando poco e non facendo particolare attività fisica ho fatto anche 5 giorni con un'applicazione senza problemi. Nel periodo estivo tendo ad aggiornare l'applicazione qualche volta in più con meno quantità di prodotto rispetto ad una normale applicazione. Il prodotto è abbastanza caro, ma usandone molto poco, dura molto. Sto usando lo stesso tubetto da 20ml da 3 mesi e credo di averne per un altro mese ancora almeno, ma ne ho già ordinato altro. Super consigliato!

Body Odour Gone! It changed my life! Don't let the price put you off! THANK YOU NUUD!!

TLDR: Nuud has changed my life. I suffer from very bad body odour from my armpits. I've tried SO many deos & they either mask the smell (but smell is still present) or prevent the smell for only 8 hours (sedentary). With nuud I go 3-7 DAYS without smelling a thing, even after sweating like crazy! Still sweat, but NO BO.

As mentioned above, I suffer from bad BO, to the point where my family & bf have brought it up multiple times. Even if I showered every day! I would come out of the shower, having exfoliated/scrubbed my pits & 30 mins later there would STILL be a smell (even if my pits were hair-free). Other deos would just mask the smell with perfume & leave me with sticky & white pits. Previously, the only way I somewhat controlled my BO was by using salt deo. Unfortunately, I had to wash my pits every morning with soap, apply the salt deo, and repeat again at night. Even then I felt there was a weak smell.

When I first got nuud, I washed my pits & applied it. I have brown skin so it leaves a mild white cast for a few hours but it goes away for me. It also has a clay smell (you can only smell it if you stick your face near your pit), it's odd at first, but it also goes away after a few hours. Since that moment my life changed. NO MORE SMELL. My boyfriend literally said I haven't smelled bad ONCE since I started using it. Depending on my activity level it stops the smell for 3-7 days. It works when I'm shaven or have a bunch of hair (may have to apply more often). And if you're working out and are sweating profusely, there will be a mild sweat smell (not unpleasant) but it goes away once the sweat dries up. If it holds up after showering, I'm unsure as I tend to just reapply after I shower, since I shower a lot less after using nuud. I was hesitant to buy it at first because of the price, but seriously give it a shot if you suffer from BO. Everyone is different, but if it works for you it WILL change your life and the price will seem li...


I was so skeptical about trying this - I'm very active and shower twice a day so couldn't really believe the "works for 3-7 days" claim. Glad to say I was totally wrong. This is a life changer. One application gets me through 3 days of sports and hot weather easily. My clothes don't smell disgusting after wearing them for just a few hours. No skin irritation or annoying white marks. Very handy packaging. Nuud is revolutionary.

Efficace mais...

Un déodorant efficace pour mon fils qui est entrée dans la pré adolescence et qui avait des fortes odeurs, et pour moi, on transpire normalement mais plus d'odeurs... malheureusement j'ai fait une réaction allergique mais pour mon fils aucun soucis, en plus pour les têtes en l'air tout les 2 a trois jours suffisent largement !, alors lui continu et moi je vais essayer de chercher autre chose.

À commander sans hésiter

Je ne supportais plus sentir mes aisselles, d'autant plus qu avec l allaitement je transpire beaucoup plus... Puis je suis tombé sur de la pub sur ce produit des Pays-Bas. Apres de longues hésitations alors que les commentaires sur Facebook n etaient que positifs, j'ai enfin passé commande. Livré en Suisse sans frais supplémentaires. J'ai pris directement le smart pack.
Et franchement je suis méga contente il fonctionne exactement comme leur promesse. C'est de la balle. Ma mère vient de recevoir sa commande aussi. Je recommande à tout mon entourage ce fantastique produit.


I sweat a lot due to a medical condition. I tried nuud and cant believe how effective it is. I was even dry during the UK’s hottest day this summer. I love that its isn't a spray and its small and natural. Brilliant product that I would recommend to everyone.