Our Greenest Pack

Together with one of our favorite mothers on instagram;
Daniela Martins (@martinsdaniela) and her children, we’ve made the Greenest Pack.
It's more than a pack; it’s a statement. It’s a limited edition, including a green squeezy #nowaste

Never underestimate the power of your armpits. You can change the world with them!

“There are no small actions, all actions count. From the smallest to the biggest, together for our planet “

- Daniela Martins

To really bring the message home that we can all make better choices for ourselves and everyone that follows us, Daniels’s children - Eléa, Valentin and Martin - created the design for the packaging.

The future of our planet is the sum of all the choices we make daily.

Our choice to work with Daniela is one of those: by consciously making more sustainable decisions, she’s finding a way to do things better every day.