Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to all your possible questions.
New Formula

Why did you change the formula?

Sometimes, you find yourself questioning if you can do it even better — not just for your own benefit but for everything and everyone around you. And that time has come for us. We've reexamined our old formula, turned it upside down, inside out, and improved it.

And this critical examination has produced a remarkable result: a better, more spreadable, lighter, and more breathable nuud. Still incredibly effective, but much less oily. Today’s nuud absorbs faster, making you feel ready for the day even more quickly. In short, a fresh start, both for you and for our cream deodorant.

What specific changes have been made to the formula of the vegan deodorant?

Our new formula introduces two natural heroes: squalane (derived from olives) and rice bran oil. We love their ability to enhance cream absorption, reduce greasiness, and nurture your skin. Two fantastic ingredients that will bring extra joy and comfort to your armpits.
In short, the new formula is just as kind and caring for the planet as the old version while being even gentler on your armpits.

What are the benefits of the new formula compared to the previous one?

The new formula aims to address the rare cases of hair follicles or pore clogging that were highlighted in customer feedback. By reducing the oily characteristics, we aim to enhance the overall user experience while maintaining the effectiveness of odor control.

What should I do if my skin gets irritated?

Everybody is different and can react different to various ingredients. If you experience any skin irritation while using nuud deodorant cream, we recommend discontinuing use as soon as you notice this.

Are there any specific usage instructions or precautions for using the deodorant with the new formula?

We have a new formula, but how much and how often you apply doesn't change:
- a drop of the size of a pea for each armpit,
- apply at least every other day
Avoid applying immediately after shaving; give your armpits some time to recover. Just to be sure: if your armpit skin is damaged, avoid using any kind of deodorant, whether it's rolled, smeared, or sprayed. This break will do your armpits good. 
If you experience a skin reaction in the armpit, it's advisable to discontinue the product's use until your skin returns to its normal condition.

Since nuud's new formula is lighter and spreads more easily, be sure to gently squeeze the tube to dispense the cream, preventing an excessive amount from coming out.

Has the deodorant's packaging also changed with the formula update?

As of now, there are no planned changes to our deodorant's packaging. If we do change it, we'll let you know. The barcode will change and the packaging will have a distinct New Formula-mark, serving as a clear indicator that it contains tubes with the new formula.

Is nuud planning to continue offering the old formula for customers who prefer it?

Currently, our primary focus is ensuring everyone's satisfaction with the enhanced formula, which directly addresses the feedback we've received.

Perspiration, deodorant and antiperspirants

Why is perspiring so important?

Perspiring is a bodily function directly linked to your internal temperature regulation. If your body gets too warm, your brain sends automatic impulses to your glands, telling them to secrete perspiration. The thin layer of fluid (sweat) produced on your skin will then evaporate, which extracts heat from your body, causing your body to cool down. Furthermore, perspiring ensures that toxins are eliminated from your body.

What is the cause of smelly sweat?

Luckily not all perspiration means you will smell. You’ve got sweat glands – eccrine glands – all over your body, and during puberty you get an extra set of glands; apocrine glands. These apocrine glands are formed specifically in your armpits and groin area. When you perspire, both the eccrine and the apocrine glands secrete odourless fluids. However, bacteria change the fluids which are secreted from the apocrine glands into butyric acid. And these butyric acids are the cause for the characteristically ‘smelly sweat’.

How can I reduce the amount I perspire?

Perspiration doesn’t just happen for the fun of it; your body is regulating its temperature. Therefore, the easiest and most foolproof way to reduce the amount you perspire is to ensure you don’t get too hot. However, if it’s a hot day, you have an upcoming nerve-wracking conversation or you’re exercising intensely, your body will still have to make sure you cool off. The following tips might help you reduce the amount you perspire:

Clothing – One of the most important things to consider when you perspire is the type of material of the clothes you wear. Some fabrics don’t allow for much airflow, causing your body to hold on to more heat. In addition, the type of material of your clothes also affects the smell of your perspiration. In polyester, bacteria flourish the most. And since these bacteria are the cause of your bodily odours, you will want to wear polyester as little as possible. Instead, wear 100% cotton (or bamboo) clothing, since bacteria don’t like these fabrics as much. And, as an extra little pro-tip; wear either black or white clothes on particularly stressful days – your sweaty patches aren’t as visible on these colours!

Stress – An important cause of perspiration is stress. Stress hormones give a signal to your body to start working harder. This heats up your body, meaning you will start to sweat to cool off again. Therefore, try to stay as relaxed as possible and exercise regularly: regular exercise helps your body reduce the production of the amount of stress hormones.

Coffee – Caffeine stimulates your central nervous system, which in turn controls your sweat glands. In addition, a hot drink will heat up your body, which means you will have to start sweating to cool down again. If you are someone who perspires a lot, you might want to consider cutting down on your caffeine intake!

Hot spices – Just like with caffeine, hot spices send neurotransmitters to the brain. This is due to the capsaicin in the spices, which causes the brain to believe the body is overheating. And, again, the logical response of the body is to start sweating. So, watch out with spicy foods!

What is the difference between antiperspirant and deodorant?

An antiperspirant blocks the exits of the sweat glands long-term, and therefore, prevents the production of sweat. A deodorant, however, does not prevent sweating; it deals with the bacteria on the skin by disguising the smell. A regular deodorant often has alcohol and fragrances to mask the smell. Oftentimes people confuse deodorant and antiperspirant, therefore, in order to know exactly what you are dealing with; make sure you read the list of ingredients. If the list mentions ‘aluminium, potassium alum, alum or zirconium’, you are dealing with an antiperspirant.

As mentioned, antiperspirants block your pores – they have an astringent effect on the skin pores in your armpits and therefore close off these pores, meaning you perspire less than usual. The active ingredients in antiperspirants – aluminium salts – react with the electrolytes in your perspiration, which in turn forms a gel-like ‘plug’ in your sweat glands. This plug blocks your pores and prevents your sweat gland from secreting fluids. Therefore, when using enough antiperspirants, the majority of your sweat glands will not be secreting sweat onto your skin. Not only does this disturb your body’s internal temperature regulation, but it also inhibits the release of toxins from your body.

Deodorants mask the smell. An antiperspirant can never stop your sweat glands from secreting all fluids, meaning that you will still be producing a sweaty smell when the bacteria convert the fluids from the apocrine glands into butyric acid. This characteristically ‘sweaty smell’ is disguised by the alcohol and fragrances in the deodorant. Which often results in a body odour that is a mix of sweat and fragrances from your deodorant.

We think this approach is illogical and obsolete. nuud thinks and does things differently. We choose to attack the bacteria directly responsible for the smelly sweat. Our most important component is micro silver. Which inhibits the growth of bacteria long-term, and no bacteria, means no smell. Simple. Furthermore, we believe that you should not be blocking your body’s secretion of toxins. This way, after all, toxins cannot leave your body! nuud, does not close off your pores, but prevents the smell of your perspiration occurring in the first place.

What about the safety of antiperspirants and deodorants?

The question, “Does the usage of deodorants with a base of aluminium increase the chance of getting (breast) cancer?” is one that keeps popping up in several sources. More and more research questions the safety of the most common deodorants and antiperspirants, which, in particular, have aluminium chloride as an active substance.

Nearly everyone uses deodorant daily and therefore a possible link with cancer can lead to worry or disbelief. In general, aluminium is considered to be safe, however, due to a lack of research, there is still a big question about the precise effects this can have on human cells.

It is not up to us to make a statement on the safety and the effects of aluminium in deodorants, nevertheless, we do wonder if it is sensible to be spraying and rolling deodorants containing aluminium on your underarms, without having any conclusive information about this.

We therefore endorse the general consensus that more research needs to be done on the effects of aluminium in deodorants, to gain more clarity about the hypothesis that aluminium contributes to the increase of cases of breast cancer. At this stage, there just isn’t enough evidence to be able to draw any conclusions.

In addition, the Dutch Breast cancer Associationcurrently still has the standpoint that deodorants containing aluminium chlorides cannot contribute to getting breast cancer. They indicate that there is insufficient evidence at this stage, because nothing has been tested on human skin yet.

nuud and how it works

What is in nuud?

First of all, we would like to tell you what is not in nuud. nuud has no aluminium, no parabens and no irritating salts. Neither does it have any animal-derived ingredients, so nuud is 100% Vegan! Anything from the petrochemical industry? Not welcome. Neither do we have room for propellants, alcohol, colourings and fragrances.

We only allow for 100% innocent ingredients. But those ingredients do have to ensure that nuud is the most effective deodorant in the world...

So, what is in nuud?

nuud only has 10 ingredients. The most important one is micro silver, which naturally prevents the smell of perspiration, without blocking the pores or irritating the skin. In addition, we use certified, natural ingredients such as coconut oil, carnauba palm wax and almond oil, to keep the micro silver in place. This is what makes nuud so extremely nuud. Simple.

Do you want to know the exact nuud ingredients, click here.

What’s micro silver, and why do I care?

We care about silver so you don’t have to. This is the top line low down: Silver in consumer products can be categorized by form and size. The form can be pure elementary silver (metallic) or silver dissolved in fluid (colloidal silver). The size can be teeny tiny particles (nano) or particles that are a thousand times larger (micro). 

We know about the effects of metallic silver because we’ve used it for years in things like cutlery or jewelry. People have been wearing silver close or next to their skin for decades at a time during a lifetime. So, we’re all good there in terms of understanding the effects.We know it to be harmless.

The problem is when these particles are so teeny (the nano silver we were telling you about) they can get into the skin - the effects of this are unknown. The same goes for colloidal silver; when silver is dissolved in fluid its characteristics change and its safety is no longer something we know enough about. 

Aside from safety with respect to our bodies, there’s the environmental elephant in the room. Nano silver particles and dissolved silver particles slip through the filters at water purification plants because they’re so teeny weeny - they end up in the irrigation waters. Also far from cool!

So, why on earth would we use nano or colloidal silver? The answer is purely cost. By making the particles smaller or dissolving them in fluid, the effectiveness increases, hence less silver is needed for the same effect and the price drops. In nuud there is neither nano silver nor colloidal silver, in nuud there is only 100% metallic micro silver. Like we said, we care – so you don’t have to.

And this lovely sugar cane plastic nuud uses?

Most of the world’s plastic is derived from petroleum. All of this plastic adds to the large footprint the petroleum industry burdens the climate and environment with. There is another way though. Plastic can be made from soy, grass or corn. Bettering any of these sources – plastic can be made from sugarcane. Thanks to sugarcane’s high density, only a small area of farmland is required to grow it. In addition, the water and fertilizer needed for growing are natural; just the rainwater and waste material of the sugarcane production itself. The resulting impact on the ecosystem is minimal. {Feel free to cheer or do a little dance here – we did!]

On top of this, petroleum based plastic emits CO2. We know - yuck! Whereas the production of plant-based plastic reduces CO2, because plants absorb CO2 while growing. The numbers are brag-worthy! For each kg of sugarcane produced, 4kg of CO2 is absorbed. The annual production of 200.000 tons of sugarcane absorbs the annual emissions of almost one million cars. We know – the new normal! Bragging over!

What else is cool about nuud’s silver?

Certain forms of silver can lead to bacterial resistance. That’s why we’ve opted for pure metallic silver which works in a different way. nuud’s silver ions bind to negatively charged parts in proteins. These parts are essential to the life-supporting functions of the cells. By inactivation of these life-supporting functions the bacterial cells break down and die. In order to become resistant to silver, bacteria would need to remove all negative charges, which would lead to self-destruction of the cell.

nuud’s packaging - all sugarcane, bar the lid. Here’s our honest why:

So, we made nuud’s lid out of regular plastic. We tried (non-stop research, sleepless nights, tears and tantrums)  to design a sugarcane lid. But no matter how hard we tried, the lid would crumble with the tiniest fraction of force. We’ll keep on it though – we’re on top of all the latest development in the bioplastics field, and as soon as there's a promising invention, we'll be the first in line to give a go!

What makes nuud unique?

nuud is not a deodorant, but apreodorant – a regular deodorant disguises the odour of perspiration, whereas nuud preventsthis smell altogether. With nuud, smell does not stand a chance, because the bacteria, responsible for the smell, are inhibited naturally. In an antiperspirant the active component (aluminium) closes off the pores, and in combination with fragrances, the smell is masked, instead of prevented.

nuud works for days, after just one application - Because nuud is different, and therefore works for longer than a regular deodorant, you need a lot less of it. Micro silver structurally reduces the bacteria population, which means the smell of perspiration cannot occur. nuud works for a minimum of 48 hours and a maximum of 7 days. In addition to the ease of not having to put on deodorant as often, it also has the important benefit in that it is better for your skin because it is left more at ease.

nuud is applied directly on your skin - Rubbed on instead of rolled or sprayed. The cream, the micro silver carrier, transports the effective components to the right spot and keeps them in place. The cream does not only guarantee its effectiveness, but it is also very gentle on your skin and does not cause any irritations. This is why we chose this particular carrier of the effective components, instead of a roll-on or spray. And, because it does not dissolve in water, you can shower, work-out or do whatever you want, without reducing its effectiveness.

nuud is odourless – Instead of smelling of your deodorant’s fragrance, nuud allows you to smell like yourself. nuud contains no perfume, this way you can decide whether you want to smell of nothing, or of your favourite perfume or aftershave! Some people need some time getting used to this, especially if you’re so used to always smelling of your regular deodorant spray...

nuud really does not leave any stains on your clothes – nuud contains no ingredients that discolour your clothes and make them unusable. No more shirts with yellow armpits stains! (An added advantage: nuud is actually saving you money! ;-))

nuud is many times more concentrated than a regular deodorant; you need about fifteen times less. Which means that fifteen times less of it needs to be produced, fifteen times less of it needs to be transported and fifteen times less packaging material will be thrown away. Therefore, nuud has a less of an impact on the environment. Did you know, for instance, that about 8 billion bottles of deodorant end up in the bin per year, in Europe and USA alone?

Completely innocent: what does nuud mean with that exactly?

We believe that products you apply to your body daily, should never harm your health or the world around us, and therefore nuud only contains ingredients and packaging materials that are as harmless and innocent as possible.

The active component used in nuud is micro silver. This is a natural (certified) ingredient that inhibits the growth of bacteria responsible for the sweaty smell. And without naming them one by one, all other nuud ingredients are just as indispensable as the micro silver. Do you want to know exactly what can be found in nuud, click here.

Because nuud is so much more concentrated, you need a lot less of it, less needs to be shipped and we need less packaging materials. In addition, our packaging is also as harmless as possible. We have chosen for a tube made out of sugarcane and a little box made out of unbleached FSC cardboard, and we ship nuud climate neutral.

And, where possible, we will always happily work towards any solutions making nuud even more harmless and innocent!

Super effective: how is it possible that nuud works so well?

To understand how nuud works, you first have to understand what causes the smell of perspiration. You have sweat glands all over your body (eccrine glands). During puberty you get an extra set of glands; apocrine glands. These apocrine glands are formed specifically in your armpits and groin area. When you perspire, both the eccrine and the apocrine glands secrete odourless fluids. However, bacteria change the fluids which are secreted from the apocrine glands into butyric acid. And these butyric acids are the cause for the characteristically ‘smelly sweat’.

The active components of an antiperspirant block the skin pores as much as possible, however, it can never stop your sweat glands from secreting 100% of the fluids, meaning that you will still be producing a sweaty smell. To disguise this smell, many fragrances are added. Which often results in a body odour that is a mix of sweat and cheap perfume. In addition, because the active component disappears very quickly, you often have to reapply your deodorant multiple times a day.

nuud thinks this approach is illogical and obsolete. nuud chooses to use micro silver, which attacks the bacteria responsible for the smelly sweat in a natural and long-term way. No bacteria, no smell. Simple. Not everyone is the same and one person might start developing bacteria again quicker than others, but based on the experiences of thousands of customers, we can safely say that most people only have to apply nuud twice a week, and for some, only once a week suffices!

Does nuud work for everybody?

Yes, nuud works for everybody. Men, women, young and old. Everyone perspires and develops some sort of perspiration smell from puberty.

You have to understand that you don’t just have one type of bacteria on your body; the diversity of bacteria can be compared to the diversity of plants and animals in a tropical rainforest. This tropical rainforest of bacteria is called ‘a microbiome’. And just like in the rainforest, sometimes there is more of one type of plant, and other times more of another. There are a couple of types of bacteria that specifically cause the smell of sweat, while others do not cause a smell at all. In some people the ‘non-smell’ bacteria even overpower the ‘smelly’ bacteria. These lucky people do not need any deodorant at all.

In addition to the microbiome, the number of apocrine glands is of importance as well. Eccrine sweat glands can be found all over your body, but during puberty you develop apocrine sweat glands, in particular in your armpits. The fluids secreted from these glands causes, together with the ‘smelly’ bacteria, your perspiration smell. If, despite using nuud, the ‘smelly bacteria’ still keep the upper hand for you, then nuud will most likely not work as well for you. If nuud does attack these bacteria for you, then applying nuud once a week should be sufficient.

Your personal microbiome is just as hard to predict as the rainforest, but luckily, for most of us, nuud stays effective for several days. The feedback from thousands of customers teaches us that for most people it is enough to apply nuud twice a week, and for some people even once a week suffices. Only rarely does nuud not work: in this case, the micro silver has not been able to lower the amount of ‘smelly bacteria’ in relation to all other bacteria.

nuud leaves no traces on your clothes. How is that possible?

Because nuud contains no salts, there is no accumulation of these salts in your clothes causing discolouration and ruining your shirts.

nuud continues to work despite exercising or showering. How is that possible?

nuud is a cream with an oil base, comparable to waterproof suntan lotion. Because it does not dissolve in water, you can shower, exercise or do whatever you want, without nuud’s effectiveness diminishing.

Does nuud cause armpit lumps?

After four years of producing nuud and making armpits happy everywhere in the world, we incidentally hear that after using nuud lumps/bumps/pimples emerge. So the question is: does nuud cause those lumps, bumps and pimples and if so, how? 

Armpit lumps are very common (here you find a good article on it from Medical News Today: and as you can read most of them are harmless and are only partially caused by deodorant usage. There are many reasons for how they can develop (which can happen because of nuud, but is still quite rare after 4 years and over 1.000.000 happy armpits). Nuud has an all-natural formula and contains no nano particles, so nothing enters your body. Good thing to know of course. Nuud doesn’t interfere with your body or your lymphatic system.

We have been working together with a dermatologist very closely during all stages of developing nuud, and we've found that there could be a few reasons why skin reacts this way. Some are because of using an oil based cream or substance, like nuud, while others are of an external reason, or a combination of the two. It's worth noting that lumps or cysts are most often formed near sebaceous glands or hair follicles, and not in the sweat glands.

First off, due to nuud's all natural formula with only pure oils, there's an increased chance of people experiencing an allergic reaction to it, as full refining basically takes out any natural present impurities. An allergic reaction however usually manifests itself in red and irritated skin, not in lumps. Do you have any known allergies? Please check out our ingredients.

The oils in nuud can also lead to other skin reactions though, if applied too often or in too large quantities, but also if your skin produces more oils by itself than usual. An overly oily skin cannot breathe properly, which could increase the chances of developing lumps. To be certain the oils in nuud can’t be the cause of lumps, make sure not to apply too much and too often. An interval of three days or more would be perfect.

Secondly, the most common external reason for developing lumps under the armpits is shaving, as shaving can irritate the skin as a whole, but more importantly the hair follicles. Shaving with absolute clean and, well, razor sharp razors can help a bit, but there's always a risk of irritated hair follicles causing some lumps.

Thirdly, and lastly, and also the least satisfying reason for lumps to appear under your pits is that it happens randomly. Your body could have started to secrete a bit more oils than usual, causing lumps and due to dozens of possible reasons, or maybe even none at all.

But to know a little bit more about those lumps, we have to take a closer look at our lymphatic system. To start of, the lymphatic system is a circuit made up of lymph vessels, lymph fluid and lymph nodes. Lymph vessels capture lymph fluid from tissues and organs and leads that to the lymph nodes. The function of lymph nodes is to transpose anything that does not belong in your body. They are made up of white blood cells, also known as immune cells. They filter out damaged cells, germs and foreign substances present in the lymph fluid.
Our body possesses many lymph nodes. As mentioned, they filter fluids routed by the vessels connected to them. Each one has a name depending on the location. The ones in the armpit are called axillary lymph nodes and there are about 40 in this region. They transpose fluid from the breast, thorax, arms and the upper abdominal region. 

As said before: nuud does not contain nanoparticles. It simply clings on to the surface of the outer layers of your skin and fights body odour causing bacteria. As it does not enter your skin, it will not interfere with the inner workings of your body. If you are allergic to any ingredient in nuud (or use way too much nuud and have a over-oily skin), you may experience irritation. You can rule out allergic reactions by doing a patch test before putting the deodorant to full use. Apply a pea-sized portion to the inner fold of your elbow and observe for 24-hours. If irritation occurs, do not start using it and inform us accordingly so we can assist you further. 

Cysts and abscesses under the skin in your armpit can cause lumps. The following are some of the most common armpit conditions armpit lumps can be caused by: 

- Staphylococcus infection (it’s caused by close skin contact and the transfer of bacteria) resulting in pus collecting in the armpit.

- When hair follicles get infected they could result in boils/pimples (caused for example by shaving)

- Benign lipoma (a fatty lump that's most often situated between your skin and the underlying muscle layer)

- Allergic or contact dermatitis.

- Autoimmune conditions such as psoriasis.

- Allergic reactions to deodorant, antiperspirant, or soap

- Yeast infection.

(Source: Medical News Today, 2020)

Let's assume right now though it's either shaving or an excess of oils, due to applying nuud. Either way you'd want to give your armpits some rest to completely heal (so no applying nuud or any fatty substance or shaving). If this takes longer than two weeks, or there's no relieve at all, please contact your general practitioner. If the lumps disappear and you're still willing to give nuud a go, you can start applying it again, with an interval of at least three days. If the lumps practically immediately return it's safe to say that it's in one way or another due to nuud. In that case I'm afraid it's just bad luck, and you're one of the few for whom an oil based deodorant won't work. In that case we really hope that you'll find a good alternative quickly!

Application and use

How do you use nuud?

If you have been used to traditional deodorants or antiperspirants for years, your body has gotten used to how these work and how you apply them. nuud works differently. And you might need some time to get used to this. With our tips & tricks below, you will quickly learn how nuud is not only a carefree deodorant, but also harmless and super effective.

Tip 1: Not too much nuud

Your little trial tube is remarkably small. However, it lasts an average of 6 to 7 weeks. This is because nuud is super concentrated. You only need a little bit each time! Wash your armpits with soap, dry them well and rub about a pea-size of nuud in each armpit. But remember, don’t put too much! We mean it when we say it; nuud is super concentrated and very easy to apply.

Tip 2: Discover your ‘application frequency’.

Application frequency, yes, for lack of better word. Despite only applying a little bit of nuud at a time, nuud really does stay effective for several days. On average, people apply nuud every 3 days. But, everyone has their own frequency, which requires a bit of trial and error. For example, you can start applying every other day and then extend this to however long works for you!

Tip 3: Fresh clothes.

nuud neutralises the bacteria responsible for your perspiration smell. nuud does not disguise the smell, it prevents it. In addition to this, nuud does not have a smell of its own, therefore, you have to make sure that the clothes you have been wearing are free from the ‘old smells’ and bacteria. The armpit areas of t-shirts, shirts, and jumpers have to be properly washed first (preferably with vinegar or alcohol, and finished off with a steaming hot iron to kill all bacteria) before you can start your fresh and odourless new start!

Tip 4: Dare to detox

Perspiring is important for your body. That is why nuud does not contain salts, which block your sweat glands. Regular deodorants that contain aluminium salts or baking soda often cause your body’s perspiration management to be disturbed and your body to store excess toxins. nuud fixes this for you. Naturally and odourless! Sometimes it initially intensifies your perspiration, in terms of sweat and smell, for a little while. This ‘detox’ effect stops once you have been using nuud for a longer period of time. If you are a bit unsure, start using nuud on the weekend, so that you can test it in your own, safe space, and figure out how nuud works for you.

It seems like nuud doesn’t work (properly) for me, why is that?

nuud is not an antiperspirant, but a deodorant.

It is important to explain the difference between a deodorant and an antiperspirant. A deodorant attacks the smell and an antiperspirant attacks the fluids. Most deodorants are also antiperspirants. nuud is primarily a deodorant and therefore attacks the perspiration smell, and to a lesser degree the perspiration fluids.

Perspiration fluids are the result of your body trying to cool down. This fluid is odourless, but is usually considered, especially if you perspire a lot, unpleasant.

The active ingredients in antiperspirants block your pores, which results in less perspiration. However, this disturbs your internal temperature management and toxins are not able to leave your body via your armpits.

When you stop using an antiperspirant your pores will no longer be blocked, which means, that especially in the very beginning, you might perspire more than before. The gel-plugs that had been blocking your pores for years are slowly leaving your body. This can take a while. For many people this is an uncomfortable experience and they assume nuud isn’t working for them so they switch back to their old deodorant. Our advice: give it some time!

A temporary stronger perspiration smell

The smell of perspiration occurs when bacteria change the skin oils in your perspiration fluids into butyric acid. These butyric acids are the cause for the characteristically ‘smelly sweat’. To disguise this smell, many fragrances are added to regular deodorants. Which often results in a body odour that is a mix of sweat and cheap perfume.

When you start using nuud, the smell of the bacteria won’t be masked anymore, like it has been with all your previous deodorants, but these bacteria will be inhibited and eventually stopped. Your microbiome just has to get used to this new situation. So, give it some time!

If you don’t have many bacteria, nuud will work after just one application, if you have more bacteria, it is possible that you will need to apply it a couple of times before it starts to fully work for you. This detox-period can take some time. It may even happen that you smell of sweat a little more than usual during this period. Keep applying until your body has gotten used to it; play around with the frequency to discover what works best for you.


Bacteria live on your skin and in your clothes. When using a regular deodorant, you disguise the smell, but, the smell is still there, even though you might not notice it at first. The smell is easy to wash off your skin, out of your clothes, however, is not so easy.


A possible reason for still thinking that you smell, therefore, is often because the bacteria are still in your clothes. When you put on your clothes again, a stale smell of old sweat can be the result. A good way to check whether you still smell is to determine if it is your skin or your actual clothes that still smell bad. Clothes not made of cotton have the tendency to absorb many bacteria. Only by washing your clothes at 60 degrees or higher do these bacteria in your clothes disappear.

No perfume

After many years of using regular deodorants you have probably gotten so used to smelling a fragrance under your arms, that not smelling of anything under there might give you the sensation that your deodorant isn’t working. nuud consciously does not have a fragrance; we feel that your smell should rather come from a lovely perfume than a cheap deodorant.

How often should I apply?

Every body is different. For some people nuud works for 48 hours, for others applying once a week is enough. Experience has taught us that for most people applying twice or three times a week suffices. And the longer you use nuud, the less often you have to apply.

The best way to discover your best application frequency is to apply every 2 days initially. If you notice that it is enough, you might want to try switching to applying every 3 days, and so forth.
nuud therefore does require some trial and error at first, to discover your own ideal frequency.

Does nuud become more effective over time?

The longer you use nuud, the less bacteria come back, hence the less often you will have to apply nuud. So, start applying nuud every other day and check how long it works for you by adding an extra day in between new applications. This way you will find the right balance for yourself. It would, of course, be a waste to apply nuud every three days if nuud lasts a full week for you, however, vice versa isn’t advisable either!

nuud and showering

We often get questions about nuud’s effectiveness in relation to showering. First of all, it is important to understand exactly how nuud works. nuud has micro silver as one of its active ingredients and an oil-based cream to keep this micro silver in place. It can be compared to waterproof suntan-lotion: it does not dissolve in water and therefore it is perfectly fine to shower, exercise or do whatever you want to do, without nuud’s effectiveness diminishing.

So, despite showering, nuud continues to work, you can shower as often as you want! However, if you scrub or exfoliate your skin, you might remove the outer layer of your skin, and with it, nuud. In this case, reapply!

Moreover, because of the way nuud works, you won’t have to wash your underarms with soap anymore. In fact, nuud’s effectiveness actually lasts longer if you don’twash your armpits with (too much) soap, but this of course depends on your personal preferences.

Is nuud safe to use during pregnancy?

Yes! Nuud is 100% safe for pregnant women and breastfeeding moms. Nuud contains no nasties and it’s totally innocent. 🙏  also no nanoparticles, so nothing penetrates the skin.

nuud other

In which countries can I buy nuud?

nuud is sold online and shipped worldwide. So, whether you live in Europe or in New Zealand, we will make sure it arrives at your doorstep.

Please note that nuud doesn’t ship to Martinique, Guadeloupe, Guyana, Reunion, St Martin, South-Africa and the UAE.

When can I expect nuud to arrive?

We ship world-wide and some countries are faster than others. It depends to where you are located and how far you are from our logistic partners' warehouse. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday around 4 pm, our products are shipped. Once shipped, the expected times of arrival are:

Netherlands   1 day

Europe   1 to 2 weeks

Rest of the world   2 to 3 weeks

These are estimated delivery times and actual delivery times depend on many factors, such as customs and whether you're in a very populated area or not. If you feel like your order is taking too long, do not hesitate to get in touch with us at! 

Why does a 15ml tube of nuud cost €13,95?

Because nuud is very concentrated and contains the very valuable micro silver, nuud’s price is higher than regular deodorants. But, because it is so concentrated, a tube of nuud will last on average 6 to 7 weeks. Meaning that in reality nuud is relatively only slightly more expensive than a regular deodorant.

Concentration – We have chosen to make nuud as concentrated as possible (you only need a little bit of it at a time). This saves an unnecessary amount of ingredients and packaging materials. With that, Nuud is around 15 times more concentrated than a regular deodorant spray.

Ingredients – The active ingredient in regular deodorants is some form of aluminium. The cost price of micro silver is around a 1000 times higher than aluminium. Therefore, regular deodorants can be produced at a much lower price than nuud.

Furthermore, what we hear a lot is that nuud keeps your clothes fresh and beautiful for a lot longer. After all, you don’t get any yellow armpit stains in your shirts and t-shirts from the aluminium in your deodorant, meaning nuud is actually saving you money ;-).

The 20ml tube and the 15ml tube are the same. Why is that?

For reasons of production, we have decided to only produce one size tube, with different contents. The Starter Pack contains one 15ml tub and the Smarter Pack contains two 20ml tubes. Same tube, but with more content. On the back of the tube you can see whether it is a 15 or a 20ml tube.

Where and how is nuud made?

nuud is 100% produced in Europe. This gives us the certainty that it fully complies with the European guidelines. That applies to the working conditions, the hygiene regulations, the environmental guidelines, and more.

nuud is many times more concentrated than a regular deodorant; you need about fifteen times lessof it. Which means that fifteen times less of it needs to be produced, fifteen times less of it needs to be transported and fifteen times less packaging material will be thrown away.

What exactly is the Never Without nuud Service?

If you end up being a real nuud fan, then you never have to be without nuud. Because, with our Never Without nuud Service, we send you exactly the right amount of nuud, at exactly the right time. The Never Without nuud Service isn’t just super convenient and cheap, you also don’t pay any shipping costs!

How does it work? You choose the frequency that suits you. Do you apply sometimes, less often or very often? We will send you two 20 ml tubes every 3, 4 or 5 months. Do you want to order an extra tube, pause your order or completely cancel your Never Without nuud service? We deliver the service, you decide. You’re not stuck to anything!

This service is Credit Card only; we charge your account one week before the next shipment. Are you interested in the Never Without nuud Service? Read more about it here!

Can I sell or represent nuud?

nuud is mainly sold online. The advantage of this is that we can reach a much wider international community of fans who can teach us a lot and can help us develop the brand even further. Sometimes we get special requests from yoga schools, beauty therapists or other special businesses. We love being able to serve these businesses, on a small scale, to introduce even more people to nuud.

If you’re interested in selling nuud or representing us, please contact us on

Does nuud also have samples?

We don’t have samples. The reason for this is that it takes a while before nuud has achieved its desired outcome. However, we do sell two different sizes: The Starter Pack; 15ml for EUR12,95 (enough for 6 to 7 weeks) and, if nuud turns out to be your new favourite deodorant, you can order The Smarter Pack; 40ml for EUR24,95 (enough for about 3 to 4 months). The Smarter Pack is over 25% more value for money than the Starter Pack!

Do you ship green?

Most products that end up in your hands have been shipped. Most products have a CO2 footprint. Yet, we ensure that our production methods suck up the same or more CO2 emitted by our transportation. Thus voila! nuud is shipped CO2 neutral (certified), so its footprint is a lovely round zerO. 

Stay carefree…

We love curiosity – and we love your questions! We’re transparent as we can be. It’s one of our core values. Drop us a line if you have more questions!


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