The scent of adolescents

The scent of adolescents

This is an ode to the people who fall between two stools. We have all been there, so our hearts fill with love (though, not always!) for our vulnerable teenagers. Lost between the old and the young. 

In fact, aren’t they brave, these teenagers. Immersed in uncertainty, fighting with all kinds of contradictory feelings.

And yet they get up every day, roll out of bed, plod to the bathroom and scrutinise their reflection in the mirror. A direct confrontation with themselves.
Do I look normal? Am I okay like this?
Is there anything I can do to not feel left out?

Do my clothes match? Are my shoes decent enough? Is my hair alright? ..and then..

Spray! Lots of deo spray!

Because having bad B.O is simply not an option.

 The lovely, neutral, innocent child-smell is long gone and that new teenage body odour is uncomfortable, strange, unpredictable and above all, very unwelcome. Fortunately, rescue comes in the shape of a deodorant spray. A spray that makes your insecurities invisible, since it promises that you will smell wonderful all day long. Claiming this will make you attractive to others.

With this promise, why would you notuse a spray? Cover yourself in deo spray as if your life depends on it!

Even though, everyone really only smells best when they smell purely of themselves.

Luckily, we are receiving an increasing amount of positive reactions from parents of teenagers about the way Nuud works. They can no longer smell their teenagers. Not the penetrating scent of a young adult body that has starting perspiring, nor the all-dominating smell of the professed security from an aerosol can. A number of mothers even rewarded their teenagers with a nice perfume or aftershave when their child started using Nuud. A very lovely and smart idea. Because teenagers deserve our support. They have a difficult enough life as it is.

Have a beautiful day.