The advantage of an odourless deodorant

The advantage of an odourless deodorant

Nothing more attractive than you. 

 Not a beautifully proportioned body that splits through the water, not the pair of sultry eyes that look at you and not that perfectly chattering laugh in a cloud of wildly wavy hair. You are not more attractive when you look like the models in the average deo advertising, you are most attractive when you smell like YOU.

Mother Nature didn’t want you to wrap yourself in a cloud of wild limes or the smell of invincibility. She thought it was better to give you a wave of pheromones. A substance that creates your own unique scent. The fragrance that suits you best, ultimately. The fragrance that was made especially for you.

And that scent is pretty important. In fact, your whole future depends on it. Research shows that via these pheromones people determine whether they find someone attractive. Friends, but even love partners. It seems that an ideal partner even perceives your scent over a distance of many kilometers.

Advertising deodorants

So it is actually quite a shame to spray yourself with those 'advertising deo's' because they promise you love and attractiveness when they actually do exactly the opposite. Because suddenly we all smell the same. You sprayed yourself away behind a wall of invincibility and wild limes. Yet for 99% of the deodorants, there is nothing else to do than to add the strong scent. That’s they way they try to help you, masking the unpleasant odor of perspiration. Because smelling your own smell is ok, but no one wants to smells bad.

Here comes one of the unique advantage of Nuud. Because with Nuud you have an odorless deodorant that makes you and your pheromones shine, and stick with you when you perspire. More you, no odor.

In addition to being odorless, Nuud is also carefree. Because it is so innocent, and it is so effective that it even works for up to seven days (sports, showering, working, doing nothing…it does not matter)

So choose Nuud, the carefree deodorant and help us to make the world armpit for armpit a bit more personal.

Have a nice day!


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