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Our mission has always been simple: we wanted to be the deodorant for everyone. We aim to disrupt the deodorant industry by creating a product that is kind to both our planet and our bodies. As an innovative brand trying to challenge the traditional norms of conventional deodorants, we are constantly striving for improvements in our products. That’s why you will find below all possible information regarding the safety of nuud. Although the majority of nuud users have been using our previous formula for years without any irritation, any sign of inflammation or cyst is extremely rare (less than 0.05%). This is why we are now working on a new formula to make nuud less oily, mainly to prevent any product misusage.

Dermatological test report I

Find here the dermatological report from DermaConsult in Germany, tested on 50 subjects and none of them showing any reaction to nuud on sensitive skin

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Dermatological test report II

Find here the dermatological report from Abich in Italy, tested on 20 subjects and none of them showing any reaction to nuud on sensitive skin

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nuud safety assessment

Every cosmetic product will be proved for safety by a safety assessor. Please find the outcome of this assessment here

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Technical chemical report producer

Also available for download, is the technical-chemical report from Claride S.R.L., authored by Dr. Spoto, regarding our voluntary withdrawal in France. Please note the following:
* Our safety documentation complies with regulatory requirements.
* Dr. Spoto challenges ANSM's classification of nuud.
* Dr. Spoto disputes ANSM's ingredient classification.
* Reported cases are minimal compared to nuud sales.
* Research and verification of ANSM's presented cases are hindered by limited available data.

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20+ reasons why 3.5 million armpits have been using nuud since 2017 ❤️

And last but not least a small presentation that includes the highlights of the report Ecochain ( did about nuud in comparison to regular deodorants.

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