Women's day

Women's day

On International Women’s day we want to emphasize something author G.D. Anderson says so well:

"It’s not about making women stronger, women are already strong, it's about changing the way the world perceives their strength."

And, if we - as a simple natural deodorant brand - can help drive the change of perception then that’s great.

That’s the reason for this newsletter. We hope you read it and reflect on women’s strength. Across many parts of the globe it’s largely a power not potentialized. The world doesn't make the most of women’s wisdom, friendliness, patience, connection, intuition, empathy or compassion - for example.

What if we bundle all these strengths with the strengths of men? How much better could the world be? Then - one day - strengths won’t even be seen as female or male but as our power to lead through humanity.


Have a great women’s day!



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