Who’s up for a biology lesson?

Who’s up for a biology lesson?

Dr. Annie Pryor is crazy. Crazy about bacteria. For years she’s been carrying out experiments on bacteria growth in all kinds of products. From lunch boxes to hand gels and toilet cleaners. Super interesting and all available to see on www.dranniesexperiments.com

Bacteria is the biggest cause of BO, so it was a pretty sure thing that Annie would soon start experimenting with deodorant. She wanted to find out if deodorants really do neutralise the bacteria that cause the odor and which work the best.

How did she go about it?

Dr. Annie: "I would put one deodorant under one armpit and no deodorant at all under the other. I would go about my day without showering again. After 24 hours, I would swab both armpits again and do a sniff test. I incubated all agar plates at 98 degrees F in my incubator for about 72 hours, and then took photos of the plates. I repeated these experiments with each deodorant on several different days to be sure of of my results.”

Ok, now that sounds good. And luckily for us she also tested nuud.

Dr. Annie: "Nuud is an all natural, vegan, aluminum-free deodorant from the Netherlands. It uses microsilver to supposedly neutralise germs and stop stink. It does not stop sweating. They say that one application works for 3-7 days even with showering and shaving every day. I found that hard to believe, but I decided to test it."

"As you can see, there is significantly less bacteria on the nuud armpit plates compared to the no deodorant plates. This strongly suggests that nuud inhibits the growth of bacteria in armpits. I also did not have BO in the armpit with the nuud, but my other armpit STUNK!"​ ​

Nuud also had a significant residual effect, Dr. Annie said: "After I finished testing nuud, I had to wait until I started to stink again before I could test another deodorant. It took a whole week of showering daily and wearing no deodorant at all for my right armpit (the one that had the nuud on it) to get BO again.”​ ​

At nuud, we didn’t expect anything else. But what an honour it is when somebody goes through the trouble of thoroughly researching and proving the deodorant revolution with a single armpit.​

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