The woman with two million followers.

The woman with two million followers.

On March 13, 2017, at 14 minutes past nine, Elly Leering became the first person ever to use nuud on her armpits. And, let's just say we were over the moon when she didn’t send us a disappointed email. Or, even worse - go radio silent on us. Because you can believe in something heaps (like us here at nuud), but it’s only when others share your belief that it really becomes something.

We’re proud as punch that it turned out brilliantly for us. Elly remains a loyal user, and after Elly we welcomed many, many more armpits to our deodorant revolution.

Those who followed Elly come from over 130 different countries; they’re young, old, and all unique. Yet, they all share one thing in common. They all want to do something good for mother earth and be proud owners of the freshest armpits on the planet.

If you can relate, become another of Elly’s followers!

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