application nuud, pea-size blob of anti-odorant is enough for 3-4 days

Super concentrated is super

Nuud is super concentrated which is something we love to emphasize often (like now), but what does this mean exactly?


Well to start with it means you need the tiniest amount. More nuud doesn't mean more effectiveness. With a pea sized amount per armpit (for loads of us, even less) you'll stay super fresh for an average of three days.

Your armpits will be able to breathe more freely and sweat when needed. That's the way to keep them super happy.

Super concentrated also means that we can keep the negative effects of deodorant to the bare minimum. No deodorant at all would be the absolute best of course, but after that there's nuud.

When you use less product than regular deodorants, you need to buy less deodorant and that means we need to produce less, pack less, and distribute less. Which means our overall footprint is a lot less. Perhaps we should call it our armpit print then?

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