Our Family Pack

Our Family Pack

“If you have a beating heart you are part of my family”

This is a Nepalese saying that we fully stand behind.
That’s why the nuud Family Pack is meant for all and everyone you call family.

Two Iranians, a Swiss, an Irish, and a Dane live together in an apartment in Amsterdam. This is not the start of a joke but Mad’s (the Dane) real life scenario who recently bought a Family Pack for the whole household. “In the end, we’re just one big international armpit”, says Mads.

We’re super proud of this of course: being able to deliver a positive contribution to international relations. Because let’s be honest, living in harmony with everyone on earth is a lot easier when everyone is smelling their sweetest.

So support the world and choose nuud.

Oh, and we’ve decided to tweak that Nepalese wisdom specially for nuud:

'Everybody with an armpit is part of our family'

We love you all.

Have a great day.




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