Hurray for 100.000 armpits!

Hurray for 100.000 armpits!

Solving all negative side effects of deodorant with…a deodorant. That was our plan a year ago. Because we figured that there are a lot of downsides to deodorant, getting rid of deodorant entirely is something we wouldn’t achieve.

We are human after all, and very afraid for other people's noses.

We had to come up with a deodorant that was very effective, but without the negative side effects.

The side effects of ingredients with doubtful reputations. Ingredients of which we don’t know their origin or of which the effects on your body aren’t 100% sure. We also wanted to get rid substances that could be harmful for the planet, for animals or the people who have work with ‘m.

Substances and chemicals like aluminium, parabens, laureth-4, lanolin, palm oil and petrolates…stuff you’ll find a lot in deodorants, but don’t belong there, had to go.

But there are other side effects: think about the massive amount of empty deodorant rollers and spray cans.  And what about those intrusive scents? Propellants?  

In the end we developed, with a lot of trial and error, Nuud. A 100% natural, super concentrated vegan deodorant that’s so incredibly effect that people have enough for 6 weeks (on average) with a tube of 15ml. A tube made of sugar cane btw, that way the small amount of energy that it’s production and distribution costs, has very little impact as waste at the end.

In other words: we made a deodorant that made us happy.

Our (sensitive) armpits are happy, our noses as well, the planet is happy and the noses of our partners as well. So we were very happy.

But to be fair, 5 enthusiastic founders doesn’t say anything of course. We had to grow to prove it.

When we got to 100 happy armpits it sort of starting to make sense. With 1000 happy armpits we became a little more confident. With 10.000 happy armpits it was a successful test, 50.000 happy armpits was the beginning of a revolution, but with 100.000 happy armpits we’re having a party and we are very proud indeed.

100.000 armpits use Nuud. A deodorant without the negative side effects of deodorant. For us it’s the irrefutable evidence that it is possible: changing the world with your armpits!    

Have a good day!    


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