How on earth?

How on earth?
How on earth is it possible to make something more effective than any deodorant out there and be even more harmless at the same time?

Well, it’s actually pretty simple yet pure magic: nuud contains micro silver and micro silver is highly effective in neutralizing the bacteria that causes the unpleasant smell of sweat.

So, unlike deodorants nuud doesn’t need to use (aluminum) salts who block, clog or irritate your skin… Nope, nuud leaves your armpits breathing healthy, while you perspire odor free. For days in a row!!

Days?! Yep, days. Thanks to nuud’s nine other pure, natural ingredients the micro silver stays just where it should be- right under your arms.

Even if you sweat lots, take a shower, do sport or swim: nuud’s oils are water and perspiration proof, so there’s no need to reapply every day. Of course, if you scrub really hard you can scrub nuud off, but after you reapply your happy and fresh for days again.

We’ve also heard back from many nuud lovers who say it works just as well in other body spots where bad smells tend to occur.

Because nuud revitalizes your bacteria system, it sometimes takes a little longer before it starts to work hunky dory. Everyone agrees though; the longer you use nuud the better it gets. On average nuud users are reapplying every three days. And for the lucky ones –just once a week.

So how on earth can you get hold of this new, magic anti-odorant?

Just click this link and we'll send the sugarcane bio plastic tube, packed in a 100% bio degradable carton box, straight to your home in a CO2 neutral manner. No matter where you live.