Hooray! Here we are!

Hooray! Here we are!

After a journey of a few years, we are finally here. From top to bottom, from left to right. From box to cap and from cream to website.

Nuud. The first real carefree deodorant in the world.

It’s no longer necessary to feel stressed because of sweat (btw, stress makes you sweat tremendously).

First of all stressing about your odour.

Do I smell?

Do I stink?

Can others smell me?

Then stressing about solutions.

Spray or roll on?

Does it work?

Does it irritate my skin or not?

We would much rather present you with… the Solution! ☺


The carefree deodorant for every body.

Nuud is so effective that it lasts up to seven days (on average three) and you can work, do sports, take showers, dance, sing and eat (even at the same time), its effectiveness won’t change.

For us a dream came true with the launch of Nuud. A sustainable solution for a structural problem: the fear of sweat and all its consequences.

So, no stress. Get to know Nuud yourself and help us make the world a fresher place, two armpits at a time.

Make it a great day!


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