Big nuuuuws: more than 60 weeks in one go!

Big nuuuuws: more than 60 weeks in one go!


Since the launch of nuud back in 2017, we always seem to get the same question:

 ‘Can you please make nuud tubes bigger?’

Sorry it took us long… but we’ve done it, and not just by a little bit.

Tadaaaa! Tadaaaaaaa!

New from nuud: Wholelottanuud. Enough for more than 60 weeks: Yup it’s nuuuud. The Wholelottanuud Pack is priced at €54,95 and is 27% cheaper than 3 Smarter Packs. 

The only drawback is that we won’t see you for another 60 weeks, at least. Imagine what could happen in all that time? 


Different hair? 

Different job? 

New house?

Bought a horse?

Learned to tap dance?

On a skateboard?


Basically, there could be a whole new you in more than 60 weeks. We’ll stay the same though - promise. Ready for it?


Enjoy this time!



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