Fresh talent, part 2

Fresh talent, part 2

Our second Fresh Talent is Greek artist, Evi Michailidou. Evi writes great meditation letters; artworks that aid the practice through reading, feeling and smelling.

As Evi says herself “a handwritten letter is a mindful meditation moment; it revitalises, lifts you, and grounds you again.”

This unique ‘meditation pack’ - with not one, but two tubes of nuud + a meditation letter - can be ordered via our website; a great present for yourself or somebody else you hold dear. And 100% of the profits from these Smarter Packs go to Evi.

With the Fresh Talent initiative we give young creators the chance to show off their craft: from film and docu makers to photographers, musicians, painters, writers, poets and illustrators.

Evi Michailidou is the second young artist we’re collaborating with.

Nuud stands for being you. All on, no holds barred, completely yourself. Young artists especially, need a little bit of help in showing off who they are and what they stand for. We love that we can help.


Have a great day!





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