Free of microplastics!

Free of microplastics!

We always were - from the very beginning, but now it’s official!: nuud is microplastics free. So now we can very proudly display the Beat the Microbeads certificate from the Plastic Soup Foundation on our tubes.

A great initiative that ensures you know what you’re buying in to, or as they put it themselves: 

“To make sure products are free of microplastic ingredients, you need a guarantee. Our Look for the Zero logo  is such a guarantee.”

Because those devilish microplastics need to exit this planet. Or at least be prevented from reaching our oceans. Those teeny tiny bits of microplastic stream down our plug holes through the sewers and to the seas. Because water sanitisation plants aren’t designed to filter them out; and that’s why microplastics become the plastic soup poisoning our oceans and planet. 

With nuud, you’re 100% sure you aren’t contributing to the soup.