Fragrance tips from a totally odorless deodorant

Fragrance tips from a totally odorless deodorant

Nuud is 100% odorless. For a number of reasons:  

1. Nuud doesn't have to disguise anything, because it super effectively tackles the cause of perspiration smell; Nuud neutralizes bacteria.

2. We also think you would rather not smell like cheap air freshener; let’s be honest: most deodorants will make you smell like a taxi.

3. A fragrance is extremely personal; we can not determine what you like best.

4. Your perfume/cologne/aftershave smells better than a deodorant can ever smell. Odorless Nuud never gets in the way of your fragrance.

5. Most important of course: you smell really good enough yourself. You smell phenomenally pheromonal. For real.  

But now that we are active for a year, we see that some people who would like to add a little bit of smell to Nuud. And for those people we have a tip, a tip that we got from several Nuud users by the way.

So like everything we do at Nuud, it’s Tested on Humans. The tip is quite simple add a drop of essential oil to the peasized amount of Nuud you put under your arm.

Holland & Barrett has a very fine assortment of essential oils for you, all of which are as innocent as Nuud (and vegan as well).

This is our Top 3  




Do you have any other tips or experience with other oils, let us know!  

Have a nice day.  


Team Nuud

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