For everyone with at least one armpit

For everyone with at least one armpit

It was always our mission to be everybody's deodorant. Or at least the deodorant of everybody with at least one armpit. Fresh armpits worldwide isn't our slogan for nothing you know.

That's why nuud is fragrance free.
Spray a little extra of your favorite perfume. Or add a drop of essential oil into a pea of nuud if you want. But at nuud, we think deodorant should tackle bad body odor and not mask it with scent.

That's why nuud is vegan.
No animal cruelty, no unnatural ingredients. Simple. None of this is needed to make deodorant.

That's why nuud doesn't contain unnecessary ingredients.
Nuud is made with ten ingredients - no more, no less. Exactly what's needed to make an effective deodorant that keeps you fresh for days at a time.

That's why nuud doesn't contain nano particles.
We use nuud on our bodies but we don't want any of it forcing its way inside. So there's no nano particles in nuud.

That's why nuud doesn't contain microplastic.
Deodorant is something you use for you, not to cause the planet problems. That's why nuud doesn't add to the plastic soup. And why we make our tubes from sugarcane bio plastic.

That's why nuud is so effective.
So, dear adolescent with super stinky armpits, mega fanatic footballer, committed couch potato, semi-pro swimmer, woman mid menopause or man who always wears too many clothes ... nuud is also for you.

That's why we've got the Magic Caps.
And, in case - despite all of nuud's many plus points - you don't feel like smearing nuud with your fingers; we've got the Magic Cap. This smart little top turns our little tube into a stick.
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