Effective for 3-7 days?
You shower every day, right?

Remember when was the last time you applied nuud cream anti-odorant on your armpits
Nuud works for an avereage of three days. And after six years - and more than 3.000.000 happy armpits - we know enough to say with authority that most people only need to apply once a week. The lucky ones. But you know, nuud works better the longer you use it. So everyone can be a lucky one.

But how do we make nuud so effective? Well it's all down to the ingredients. There are only ten. One of them is microsilver and this tackles bad armpit odors. The rest of them help create a beautiful, smearable cream that keeps the active ingredient (microsilver) in the right place.

There are no nano particles in nuud so nothing enters your body. What's more, the oils that keep nuud's bad odor-fighters in the right place - well they also make sure that everything is able to do the job for as long as possible. And without clogging your pores. Because sweating is really very healthy.

Even after jogging, table tennis, tennis, handball, archery, ecstatic dancing, running for the train, difficult meetings and showers; a pea sized blob of nuud keeps doing its job. Until it doesn't and then it's time to apply again.

How long nuud keeps working depends on your body. It's different per person. One pair of armpits needs more microsilver than the next.

Tip: with our Timey you know exactly when you should smear again.