Don’t be scared people, don’t be scared!

Don’t be scared people, don’t be scared!

Most deodorants sell fear. The fear of smelling bad and the fear of not belonging because you’re smelly.

Body shame and all it encompasses is one of our biggest human fears.

That’s why we choose to sell love. Love for your body, love for nature. Love for the climate under your armpits.

You see, nuud lets you sweat in order to give waste substances a way out of your body; improving your bacteria regulation.

That’s how you smell fresher than fresh. Days at a time! The micro-silver in nuud neutralizes the bacteria that cause undesirable smells. Plus, we don’t add artificial fragrances to nuud so that you can bless the world with your very own unique pheromones.

Don’t shame you, just be you.

We love that you’re here!

Have a great day!