400,000 super fresh armpits make the difference

400,000 super fresh armpits make the difference
Because those 400,000 have kicked the deodorant habit and upgraded to nuud
Because they all smell fresh and don’t smell like carpet cleaner. 
Because they don’t harm mother earth with rollers, aerosol cans or any other unnecessary packaging. 
Because they’re not choking on chemicals, aluminium, salt, alcohol, petroleum or other dodgy shit. 
Because they use less and less instead of more. 😇
Because they’re vegan. 
Because they smell fresh, feel fresh, and are as fresh as fresh should be.
Because they stay so with just the teeniest tube for more than six weeks. 
Because they’re lovely. 
All our first 400,000 armpits are so lovely. Thank you so much! 🙏

Join the nuud revolution (or do you need to reorder some nuud)?

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