2022: What are you new year’s resolutions?

2022: What are you new year’s resolutions?


We wish you and yours a sincerely happy and healthy 2022!

Here at nuud - probably just like you - we’re full of fresh resolve, and have compiled a long list of new year's resolutions: move more, read more, sport more, see more of our friends, visit more museums, go to the theatre more... all rather ambitious considering ‘rest more’ is also on the list.

And that’s only if all the above is even allowed and possible. Because what we’ve learned in the past year is that all that we want to do might not even be that easy. Let’s hope we’ll get more than ‘more rest’ in any case.

With one new year's resolution - be kind to your armpits - we can definitely be of assistance though. What’s more, with our Wholelottanuud Pack we can keep your armpits feeling good for more than 60 weeks. Fresh until 2023! Whoop whoop!