13000 years of nuud

13000 years of nuud

We’re a brand with a long history. One that begins in the late ice ages. In those days, fresh armpits weren't really a top priority. Nevertheless, this is when our story begins. And, If you want to be really exact… It begins with the clay from this era.

Because nuud is a deodorant made with 100% natural ingredients and clay is one of our most important components. In fact without clay we would be forced to add other chemical substances to nuud.

After the ice age, nuud’s story didn’t really evolve for a few years (13,3 thousand years). Then Martijn van Seters took his nuud formula to some ambitious co-entrepreneurs to create the success story.

Behind the scenes though, mother nature had been at work all those years. She concepted, created, perfected, and saved all her ingredients so that we at nuud had to do ab-so-lu-te-ly nothing! All the real work was done 13 thousand years prior to that first business meeting.

The only thing we did was balance the ingredients and blend them together, craft a tube (made from biodegradable bioplastic); pop it in the packaging (made from 100% biodegradable cardboard), and invent a name and a logo.

That’s when it was picked up by our first enthusiastic fans. It was these people who made our deodorant revolution a success by enthusiastically using nuud, then telling everyone they knew enthusiastic stories about nuud, then enthusiastically continuing to apply nuud.

Meanwhile, nuud has reached 1 900 000 happy armpits. And our mission continues: fresh armpits worldwide. We are of course very proud of all we have achieved. But if we’re really honest, it’s mother nature and all our fans who have done all the hard work.


Have a great day!



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