1 million armpits change the world!

1 million armpits change the world!

One million! We’re mega proud of it! A million armpits as fresh as a herd of ice cubes out skiing. When we started with nuud we wanted to make the world more beautiful by bringing positive change to the deodorant industry and deodorant users.

If we’d make it was another question. See, armpits are very demanding creatures that you shouldn’t piss off with shitty products. Soon enough, itchiness, irritation, or (worst of all) a really unpleasant stink make it obvs they’re far from happy. You can do your best to make it all as planet-friendly as possible, but armpits tend to do an about-turn at any sign of any of that and you never see them again. Rightly so. Because, sure, we all want to save the world... but not while smelling like a Scottish rugby player’s sports socks. 

So we’re chuffed to bits to have those 1 million armpits on board. They’re the proof that it is possible. You can stay fresh as fresh without chemicals, aerosols, artificial fragrances, aluminium (salts) or petroleum. All that’s needed is our ten lovely natural, vegan ingredients. 

It’s also pretty fab to hear people go a long, long way with one of our teeny tiny recyclable bioplastic sugarcane tubes. It’s fab because that means less production, less packaging and less transport. Slowly but surely our deodorant revolution starts to make a real difference. 

We’re naturally really thankful to all those brave armpits who tried us first; the ones who gave us heaps of handy tips; those who told their colleague-armpits about how good we feel and filled our social feeds with positive reviews. 

We’ve really started something beautiful together. Now, let’s put an end to every single negative consequence of regular deodorant use. 

Armpit by armpit, to 2 million!


Have a great day!



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