Soon everybody can join the deodorant revolution!

We’re nuud, a 100% natural super effective anti-odorant. We’re evolving and developing the next exciting innovation - our Super-Smart-Screw-on-Applicator-Cap, turning nuud tubes into sticks!

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We are on a mission: turning our tube into a stick

As the name pretty much gives away, this cap will be pretty smart:

  • Apply nuud without using fingers
  • More people will want to join our deodorant revolution
  • It’s made of recyclable sugarcane
  • We can keep on producing nuud’s original tube
  • That’s also made from recyclable sugarcane bioplastic
  • That’s way more efficient and way easier on the planet too

To get from prototype to a working Super-Smart-Screw-on-Applicator-Cap asks for a big investment. That’s why we’re holding a Kickstarter campaign – we need some help.

We believe we can make the world a better place - by changing deodorant use. Nuud solves all the downsides of conventional deodorant (for people and our planet). And it works better too – that’s what our users tell us in their reviews everyday. The more people join our deodorant revolution, the easier we go on the planet; the Super Smart Screw-on Applicator Cap will help with that.

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fresh armpits and counting

Totally innocent

• No aluminium, no fragrances, no vague chemicals, no alcohol

• No animal testing, 100% vegan

• No clogging, no staining

• Bioplastic sugar cane tube, biodegradable cardboard box

• Sustainable production & distribution

Highly effective

• Prevents odor by neutralizing bacteria with micro silver

• Effective for 3-7 days, with one application

• Sports, being active or showering have no effect on nuud's effectiveness.

• Super concentrated: 10 weeks with our 20 ml tube

• Patented formula

So, what's in nuud?

nuud consists of only 10 ingredients.
Click on an ingredient to find out more information about what it is, what it does and why it’s in nuud.

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