what does nuud do for mother nature?

Let’s be honest, using absolutely zero deodorant is the absolute best for the planet.
But after that, we think nuud is best. Because we believe in doing our utmost best
to be - and stay -  Mother Nature’s fave deodorant.


First of all, nuud is 100% vegan and we don’t take part in animal testing. That’s the absolute minimum a 100% natural deodorant should be. No animal should have to suffer for fresh armpits.


Thanks to our collaboration with rePurpose Global, we are officially plastic negative.

rePurpose Global x nuud

This means that we recover double the low grade plastic from nature than we use during our entire production process. What’s more, nuud’s 100% recyclable tube is made with sugarcane bioplastic (so zero chance of ending up in nature anyway).


Our cardboard packaging is made with FSC biodegradable cardboard.

neutral shipment

When we deliver our tubes all over the world, we of course make CO2 emissions. Which we compensate 100% by supporting a large wind park project in Brazil. In the states of Piauí and Pernambuco to be exact.

The wind park operates 126 turbines with a total capacity of 358.8 MegaWatts. This means the project eliminates 652.150 tons of CO2 per year. Our collaboration with ClimatePartner not only compensates for our CO2 emissions, but also helps by supporting cleaner energy; a more stable form of electricity which also creates better working conditions within the region. Another big advantage of wind power is that the land surrounding the turbines can be used for other (agricultural) purposes.

Want to discover more about the project?

Wind power in Brazil

free of micro

We are beyond proud to boast ‘Beat the Microbeads’ certification - a Plastic Soup Foundation initiative - check out our approved tubes  

Nasty micro plastics just should not exist. Or at least they shouldn’t be allowed to escape into our oceans. Because right now, those teeny tiny microplastic parts can flow straight from your shower via the drains into the sewers and onto our seas. Because sanitation plants aren’t designed to filter them out. So all these microplastics end up as plastic soup in our oceans.

With nuud you can be 100% sure that you are not contributing to this soup.

neutral website

Our websites - eight in total - are officially climate neutral. Thanks to our collaboration with ClimatePartner.  

The emissions caused by visiting our sites (like now) get very smartly compensated somewhere else in the world through a certified carbon offset project.

In our case, that’s the Nyungwe Forest National Park in Rwanda - one of the largest and most important conservation areas in Africa. Here we’re investing in cooking stoves for the community. These stoves use less wood and cause less pollution which is much better for both mother nature and the local population. 

More information on the project and the offset can be found here:


nuud is effective
and concentrated

The most important thing for us is that nuud really does the job. If you smear or roll something on that doesn’t work and so doesn’t get used - now that’s real waste.

Nuud is super concentrated too -  so you use less product. Less product means less production, less packaging, less distribution and so way less footprint.