Clotilde Jeannot x nuud

French artist, and our first Fresh Talent, Clotilde Jeannot has hand-painted 50 Smarter Packs - transforming them into original artworks we ❤️ ! The money raised from our limited edition Smarter Packs goes 100% to Clotilde.

Fresh Talent

Our new initiative - Fresh Talent - gives young creatives the chance to show off their artistry: from film and documentary makers to photographers, musicians, painters, writers, poets and illustrators.

Clotilde Jeannot is the first young artist we’re collaborating with. 

"This collaboration has been everything I love about making art and being in the creative process: freedom, experimentation and playfulness!"

Nuud stands for being you. All of you, as you are. Artists need the freedom to show off what they stand for. So, that’s something we back with passion.